Tools Needed - 2 Door Wedges, Spade Bit, Drill Bit, Drill Driver, Hammer, Screwdriver, Combination Square, Pencil, Tape, Chisel

  1. Firstly place the two wedges under the door, one either side, to stop it from moving.
  2. Measure from the bottom of the door to the height you need and mark with a pencil.
  3. Place the set square on the pencil mark and a draw a thin pencil line all the way around the door. 
  4. Mark the side of the door with the pencil giving the correct spot for the latch to be fitted. 
  5. To drill the latch into the door you'll be using the drill driver and spade bit. As a tip to determine the depth needed to fit the latch, i'd recommend putting the latch onto the spade bit and marking the bit with your pencil. Then place a tiny bit of tape around the mark so you can visually see the depth that your latch needs to be set. 
  6. Place drill and spade bit onto your marked line and start drilling just make sure that you stop when you reach your tape mark. Place the latch plate into the hole you've just drilled to ensure it fits. 
  7. When the plate is fitted nicely in the hole, you'll need to rebate the front edge. Hold the plate firmly in position and draw around the outskirts with your pencil. Once the lines been drawn remove the plate. 
  8. With your chisel you can now go around the outskirts of the line just tapping slightly to create a groove. Once you've cut a groove into the wood, place your chisel on its backside and gently take away the timber. 
  9. The pencil line you made earlier indicates the position of the latch to be fitted so place your latch on the backside of the door, then place your pencil through the handle location and mark the door. This indicates the exact position for the Door Knob to be fitted.
  10. You will now need to drill through the door so the Knob can be fitted. Place your drill bit on the line and drill through the door until the tip comes out the other side, as soon as this happens, stop. 
  11. Do the exact same on the other side of the door, starting on the spot where the drill bit came through. 
  12. Now you'll fit the latch to the door, place the screws into the hole and use drill driver to fix it in. 
  13. To locate the bar into the handle you will place the Allen key into the nut and tighten it up. Now using your Allen key connect the Knob to the outside of your door. To ensure its fitted securely to the door, use the drill driver with a smaller drill bit and make an incision into the wood. Use your screwdriver and fasten the Knob with the screws provided. Carry out this procedure on both sides of the door.
  14. Lastly you will need to fit your latch plate and you do this by initially closing the door and using your pencil to mark exactly where your latch needs to be located. To determine how deep you need to put the latch into the doorframe, use your set square and place it on the back of the door frame. Push it towards the back part of the latch, remove and this will determine how far you need to put the plate into the door frame. 
  15. Place the square set on the back of the door frame and mark with a pencil.
  16. Place your plate in position and draw around with your pencil. 
  17. Now use your chisel and chase the timber out using the markings as guidelines. 
  18. Again place the latch plate into the groove mark and mark out the centre section, using your chisel, rebate that section out. 
  19. It is now time to fit your latch, place your screws into the holes and using the screwdriver screw it up.
  20. Test your door to ensure it works.


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