Our cottage latch is available as right hand or left hand opening. Deciding which is needed for your door can be confusing. We have produced a simple guide to help you.



  See HERE to view a larger version of the above latch handing guide. 


Right Hand Latch

Imagine you are standing in front of the door, on the side that opens towards you. If the hinges are on the left-hand side you will need a Right Hand Cottage Latch.

right hand cottage latch black beeswax


Left Hand Latch

Again, stand in front of your door, on the side that opens towards you. If your door is hinged on the right-hand side you will need a Left Hand Cottage Latch.



General Info

Our cottage latches have a cast iron back plate with hand forged components. Available in either black beeswax or rustic pewter and co-ordinate with our hand forged hinges and bolts.

The cottage latch has three parts:

  • keeper plate
  • ring turn handle
  • main plate with latch bar

Although we do not recommend for outdoor use, many of our customers remove the beeswax coating and paint with a durable rust free coating such as Hammerite.






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