Many period properties and traditional homes have ledge & brace doors fitted with Suffolk Latches.

But in rooms requiring privacy, such as bedrooms or bathrooms, what are the options?

Hand Forged Bolt

Our hand forged bolts co-ordinate with the rustic design of a Suffolk Latch and are an ideal solution. Available in a choice of two different styles, Shepherd's Crook & Fishtail. The Shepherd's Crook Straight Bolt is shown below.

If you have young children, we recommend fitting the bolt at an out-of-reach level to ensure lock-in incidents do not occur!


Locking Pins

If you prefer a sleeker, less visible alternative to a bolt, you could use one of our locking pins. Locking screw-on staples and knock-in staples are available and can replace the standard staple used to fit your latch.

Please note that these locking pins can only be fitted on the latch bar side of the door which opens towards you, and not on the thumb latch side.

Shown below is our Gothic Latch with an arrow end screw-on staple - this could be replaced with the arrow-end screw-on locking staple.


The locking pins attached to the staple with a leather thong and when placed into the pinhole, they prevent the latch bar raising.


An alternative to the screw on staple is a knock-in staple. A more traditional way of securing the latch bar, but requires absolute precision when fitting.

Our knock-in locking staple works in exactly the same way as the screw-on locking staple, with a pin attached to a leather thong, which will prevent the latch bar being raised.


Our Locking Pins for latches are available in both black beeswax and pewter. Suitable for all of our hand forged latches. Please see HERE for our full range.