What door lock is the best: Essential Tips Before Your Holiday

What Door Lock is the Most Secure?


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  1. How can I make my front door lock more secure?
  2. What is the best front door lock to prevent break-ins?


As we enter into the summer, we all want to jet off and lay in the sun, but, having a secure home is the first step before leaving it unattended for a few weeks. In this article we will cover some of the best locks to secure your home with, how to lock your windows and doors and the best locks to deter potential thieves. 


How can I make my front door lock more secure?

Making your front door compliant with UK home insurance companies is mainly down to your mortice lock. Insurance companies need you to have a 5 lever mortice door lock. You can identify is you have a 3 or 5 lever lock with the face plate. On a 5 lever lock it will have a 'kitemark', which is a trade mark of 'BSI' which is a third-party certification mark that tests and verifies the security of locks and thousands of other products. We have dedicated blog on the differences between a 3 lever and 5 lock if you need additional information. 


What is the best front door lock to prevent break-ins?

We recommend a 5 lever deadlock as it can stop robbers gaining access to your home, we would also recommend a 15 pin euro cylinder lock. These 15 pin euro locks have lots of security features, including a 10-year mechanical guarantee, anti-drill protection with three steel pins on each side, and an anti-pull cam made from sintered steel. They are certified anti-bump ICIM 7-R009 and suitable for fire doors as per EN1634. These locks are equipped with six active pins and nine passive pins, meaning it is highly durable and resistance to thermal and climate stresses. 



In conclusion, securing your home before heading out for the holidays is crucial, and choosing the right locks is a vital part of this preparation. Ensuring your front door is equipped with a 5 lever mortice lock is essential to meet UK home insurance requirements and provide effective security. The addition of a 15 pin euro cylinder lock offers enhanced protection with features like anti-drill and anti-pull mechanisms, ensuring your home remains secure against potential break-ins. By selecting locks with these robust features, you can enjoy your vacation with the peace of mind that your home is safe and well-protected.



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