Door Knobs: Questions to Ask Before Purchasing

Door Knobs: Questions to Ask Before Purchasing

Door Knobs: Questions to Ask Before Purchasing

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When it comes to selecting door knobs for your home or office, the choices can be overwhelming. Beyond aesthetics, there are several functional considerations to keep in mind. Here, we address some common questions that arise when shopping for door knobs.

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Are Door Knobs Reversible?

Most modern door knobs are designed to be reversible, meaning they can be installed on doors that swing either to the left or the right. This feature ensures flexibility during installation and allows homeowners to change door swing directions without needing to purchase a new knob.


Are Door Knobs Universal?

While many door knobs are designed to fit a range of standard door thicknesses and preparations, they aren't universally compatible with all doors. It's essential to check the specifications of a door knob to ensure it fits your door's dimensions and setup.


What is the Door Knob Backset?

The backset refers to the distance from the edge of the door to the centre of the hole where the doorknob is installed. It's a crucial measurement to ensure that your door knob fits and operates correctly.


How Do I Know My Backset Size?

To determine your backset size, measure the distance from the edge of the door to the centre of the existing hole or the desired hole location for the door knob. This measurement will give you the backset size.


What Size is a Standard Backset?

While backset sizes can vary, the most common residential sizes are 2 3/8 inches and 2 3/4 inches. Commercial doors might have a backset of 2 3/4 inches or even 5 inches. Always check your door's specifications to ensure you select the correct backset.


How Do I Choose a Backset?

When replacing a door knob, it's best to stick with the existing backset size. For new installations, consider door edge aesthetics, the positioning of other hardware, and ease of access.


Are Door Knobs Directional?

Some door knobs, especially those with locking mechanisms, may be directional, meaning they are designed specifically for left-handed or right-handed doors. However, many modern door knobs are non-directional and can be installed on any door.


Can You Install a Door Knob by Yourself?

Yes, with the right tools and instructions, most homeowners can install a door knob by themselves. Ensure you have a screwdriver, drill (if creating a new hole), and the manufacturer's instructions on hand.


Do All Door Knobs Fit All Doors?

No, door knobs come in various sizes and designs, and not all will fit every door type. It's essential to consider door thickness, hole diameter, and backset when choosing a knob.


How Do I Know Which Door Knob to Buy?

When selecting a door knob: - Consider the door's specifications (thickness, hole diameter, backset). - Think about the desired aesthetic and finish. - Determine the necessary functionality (e.g., locking mechanism for bathrooms or bedrooms). - Set a budget to narrow down options.


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