Georgian Property Renovation

Welcome to this month's House Tours, where Maurice the French Bulldog and his owner Jonathan invite you to go behind the scenes of their gorgeous Georgian property renovation. Find inspiration and tips on how to get designer style and reinstate period features in a home that has been unsympathically decorated and updated.

House Tours Georgian Property Renovation

How To Reinstate Original Features

When Jonathan bought his Georgian cottage, he discovered the previous owners had ripped out all of the original period features, and the house was left with an outdated interior medley from the 1970s. The main focus of the renovation was to modernise, but also to infuse the house with echoes of its Georgian heritage. Mixing period style with modern convenience was key.

Top of the list was an authentic period fireplace - a classic design that would work well with modern furnishings. Jonathan decided to go with the less fussy style of a Corbel Fireplace in a stunning pale marble.

Other features include: reproduction flooring with underfloor heating; a traditional kitchen with modern appliances; period colour schemes, and a period inspired stair runner with stair rods. Jonathan also decided on polished chrome for the hardware finish as it offers a contemporary twist to the usual brass hardware.

If you are thinking about renovating your period property and it has been stripped of original features, why not add these details to instantly bring back period style:

  • vintage style radiators
  • period fireplace
  • parquet floor
  • reproduction tiles
  • dado rails
  • stair runner with stair rods
    Period Staircase Georgian House Renovation



    Period Floor Style Georgian Property Renovation



    Statement Fireplace Georgian House Renovation


    Dark Colours Trend

    The dark bold colour scheme of Jonathan's Georgian cottage is not only typical of the Georgian era but also an on-trend interior design choice. Jonathan was conscious of making sure the dark colours didn't overwhelm the cottage and used lighter colours as a contrast to bring light and create space. This colour scheme was used throughout the house and the result is striking.

    Chrome kitchen cabinet furniture


    Dark bold colour scheme interior design


    Bathroom design Georgian House renovation


    Chrome Hardware

    Jonathan's choice of chrome hardware is a great example of how to mix contemporary with traditional. The classic style of the beehive door knob not only offers a stunning contrast to dark colour schemes, but by choosing the chrome finish, it gives the perfect modern twist. Beehive door knobs were first seen during the Georgian era and then also used frequently in Victorian homes, making this style of door knob a popular choice for a period property.

    In the kitchen, Jonathan continued the traditional and modern mix and went with dark units and chrome hardware. A traditional style again and used chrome cabinet hardware to co-ordinate with chrome appliances and chrome cup pulls and cupboard knobs complement the traditional style.

    Take a look at our range of Chrome Door Knobs and Chrome Cabinet Furniture.

    Chrome Beehive door knobs and cabinet furniture



    Chrome Hardware

    Renovation Tips & Advice

    The work on Jonathan's Georgian cottage took 9 months before he was able to move back in. The house was completely gutted and stripped right back to basics. But it was well worth the upheaval! Floors and walls were skimmed, ceilings redone and structural work was undertaken to preserve the house properly for the future.

    Renovations always uncover a few surprises and the biggest surprise for Jonathan was the discovery that the chimney was completely unsupported downstairs. It ran through a boarded up wardrobe in the bedroom and was a massive structural hazard that needed to be removed.

    A nice find was a stack of vintage newspapers in the loft, which Jonathan said he "might get around to framing a few of the interesting articles one day!"

    Having experience of managing a complete renovation, Jonathan has some great tips and advice for anyone who is anout to embark on a similar project:

    • Plan & cost everything and then double your budget!
    • There are always unnaccounted costs that crop up.
    • Labour is often more expensive than you expect.
    • Don't hold back on the decorating budget - it gives that all important finish touch.

    Thanks to Jonathan for sharing his gorgeous home with us. If you'd like more updates and pics of Maurice the French Bulldog and news of the coming soon courtyard garden renovations, check out Jonathan's instagram account  🏡   @la_maison_maurice  🏡

    And don't forget to check our Facebook and Instagram pages for more behind the scenes pics and updates @suffolklatchcompany ❤️


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