Home Styling Ideas Using Decorative Shelf Brackets

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Looking for shelf bracket ideas? Decorative shelf brackets are a great way to add vintage style and character to your home interior design projects. Cast Iron shelf brackets are inexpensive and can be used in all sorts of ways, not just for shelving. Take a look at some of these great ideas.

Kitchen Shelves

Storage space is a really important aspect when planning the layout of a kitchen. Why not make a feature wall with reclaimed boards and decorative shelf brackets? Put all of your regular use cooking ingredients in one place on an easy-to-reach shelf.

Vine Brackets are an ideal choice for kitchens and look great with reclaimed boards. Take a look at these kitchens below and see how they have used Vine shelf brackets in their kitchens.

  1. End Of The Row bloggers and instagramers, Adam & Stacey, used Vine shelf brackets for these eye catching shelves in their kitchen.
  2. A gorgeous rustic shelf with vintage style storage jars.
  3. The cast iron Vine shelf brackets are a striking contrast against white tiles.
shabby chic shelf brackets, Vine Shelf Brackets on Kitchen shelves
shabby chic shelf brackets, Storage jars on kitchen shelf


Vintage style kitchen shelf bracket, reclaimed shelf brackets


More Ideas

Sink Supports

A great idea from one of our customers who used our Apple brackets as a sink support.

Cast Iron Shelf Bracket used as sink support


Some shabby chic shelf brackets used as bookends. Painting the cast iron brackets gives them a stylish shabby chic look.

Shelf Brackets used as bookends

image: chateau-chic


Shelf Brackets At Windows

What an original idea. Ornate brackets used as a feature at a window, either with or without curtains. Perfect for windows where you might want to create a privacy screen without blocking the light.

Window feature with shelf bracket

image: Chateau Chic


Shelf Brackets As Storage Dividers

Decorative dividers make an open plan shelving cupboard a little more stylish. And fixing shelf dividers onto mitred cornered squares of wood and then painted creates a unique magazine rack.

Shelf Brackets used as shelf dividers

images: Country Living


Shelf Brackets As Curtain Pole Supports

Used as a curtain pole bracket, this is a great idea for giving added unique design to your room.

Shelf Bracket curtain pole feature

Shelf Bracket Curtain Pole Support

 Image: Pinterest pins: Beyond The Screen Door and Other


Great Ideas For Your Shelf Brackets

More great ideas here with these unusual crate shelves in a bathroom and a novel idea for using a shelf bracket as a hanging light support.

Crate Box Shelf Idea

Hanging light shelf bracket idea

images: Hometalk and Pinterest


Using Shelf Brackets As A Decorative Feature

Why not make a feature out of your doorway or alcove with an ornate bracket at each corner?

Or use a bracket to hold open a sash window to prevent it slipping....

Shelf brackets as doorway feature

Shelf Bracket as window stop idea



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