Magnetic Locks: Security and Functionality

What are Magnetic Door Locks?

These magnetised mortice locks are a minimalist dream, with clean links and no visual latch when opened, these are very attractive for modern homes. They work with a simple magnet in the latch and an opposite magnet in the striker plate, as the door is closed they attract to each other with a satisfying click and your door will remain closed. As with any other lock you can use either a euro lock or bathroom turn & release and then once these are engaged the magnet will be locked in place allowing you to have privacy and security. 

Are Magnetic Door Locks Secure?

Internal magnetic door locks are perfect for having a clean and modern alternative to a normal mortice sash lock. however, with any of these '3 lever locks' and others, they are not recommended for external use. For any front door installation, we recommend our 5-lever lock as they comply with home insurance companies. 

Magnetic Sash Locks Specifics

Bathroom Sash Lock

Magnetic Bathroom Lock 

Euro Sash Lock

Euro Magnetic Lock

How to Reverse a Magnetic Sash Lock

There is no need to reverse a magnetic lock or latch as it is simply a magnetised bar that is either attracted or repulsed to allow it to open or close and lock.

Difference between Sash Lock and Magnetic Sash Locks

Comparing traditional sash locks with magnetic mortice locks they display a clean and minimal look with no latch protruding from the door. Furthermore, whereas traditional locks would have to latch and locking bolts that would mechanically operate, the magnetic door locks simply have two attaching magnetic, one on the edge of the striker plate and one in the lock itself, as they get closer, the latch shoots out and connects to the striker plate to hold the door in place. 


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