A hand forged Suffolk Latch is an essential finishing touch to any cottage style ledge & brace door. Traditionally, the Suffolk Latch was made with a rounded, penny end design but the arrow end motif was also used in later years as an alternative.

Our collection of Latches include the classic Suffolk Latch and Gothic Latch but we also have a range of alternatives if you are looking for something a little different. All of our latches are available in black beeswax or pewter finishes.

Large Gothic Latch

The Large Gothic Latch is perfect for a big doors, this is our largest latch. Make a feature with the large spade-shaped mounting plates. Shown here in black beeswax, also available in pewter.

Large Gothic Latch Black Beeswax

Heavy Gothic Latch

The Heavy Gothic Latch is ideal for a solid heavy door. As an alternative to our original Suffolk Latch, this latch has a simple design with discreet end plates and a flattened, smooth, bow handle. Shown here in pewter, also available in black beeswax.

Hand Forged Heavy Gothic Latch in pewter

Tuscan Latch

Similar in style to our Suffolk Latch, however the Tuscan Latch has a heavier feel with a flat, tapered bow handle and a beaten metal effect, accentuating the hand-forged production. A nice design alternative to a traditional Suffolk Latch.

Tuscan Latch Black Beeswax

Suffolk Latch with T Bar

If you are looking for something more decorative for your ledge & brace door, take a look at our Suffolk Latch with T Bar. Having a penny end design, the latch is available in black beeswax, or pewter as shown here. The T Bar section has 3 three screw on staples, making a feature of the latch and giving an overall decorative effect.

Suffolk latch with T Bar in Pewter

Latch Sets

We have two new latch sets, both available in black beeswax and pewter.

T Bar Latch Set

This T Bar Latch Set has a penny end design and 3 screw on staples giving a decorative effect.

Latch set with t bar

Screw On Keeper

An alternative to the classic latch set, which has a knock in keeper and staple, this Latch Set & Screw On Keeper  has a slightly different deisgn with a screw on keeper and screw on staple. Ideal for cupboard doors or doors only needing to be opened from one side.

Latch Set with Screw on Keeper in pewter


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