Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

In the process of making warehouse renovations and designing a brand new picking and packing area, we decided we would use the opportunity to make our company as environmentally sustainable as possible. With a free energy audit from BEE Anglia, we were offered a grant that helped us to implement the right changes.

Warehouse Renovation

First of all, the warehouse was cleared out, and a newly insulated picking and packing area was built at the back of the warehouse. See photos of the project below.

Silver level Accreditation

Following the completed work in the warehouse, we are proud to be awarded Silver Level accreditation for our project.

"The Suffolk Latch Company is clearly considering its environmental impact and is committed to reducing its carbon footprint. This is evident in the management processes already in place (e.g. paperless administration and sales) and the significant steps taken to ensure that energy efficiency is integral to the refurbishment of the premises." Suffolk Carbon Charter

In some of the photos below you will see the insulation being installed in our new picking and packing area. We've installed infrared heating panels which instead of heating the room using convection, only heat objects the infrared light hits. And we have installed LED lighting, which use a lot less energy and last longer than traditional florescent lighting.


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