Dee and Steph Maunders moved from North London to the historic Suffolk town of Clare three years ago. Their new home, dating back to 1580, has stunning views across the Suffolk countryside and backs onto the Chiltern Stream.

Garden view of Period Property renovation in Clare Suffolk


Renovation Work

The house looked quite different when Dee and Steph first moved in, however, and it needed a massive amount of work.

Before renovation photo of period property, Clare Suffolk

Dee is a qualified builder, having years of experience running his own brickwork and building company. He undertook the structural work that needed doing, including the replacement of decaying beams which had previously been filled with concrete. The exterior walls were given a new sheeps wool render and lime wash. 

 Period Property Renovation in Clare Suffolk

Now the new beams are gradually silvering in tone with the remaining original beams.

Replacement Beam in Period Property Renovation

Period Features

Inside the property, there has been less structural work needed. Rooms have been decorated, adding sympathetic period details in keeping with the house.

There are so many surprises in the house - interesting original features with historical stories.

The sitting room has a stunning fire place, originally an embattled carved bressumer, dating back to the 13th century and most likely originally from Clare Priory - the medieval monastic house of the Augustinian order which is located nearby.

Interior Antique Fireplace in Period Property Renovation

When pulling up the floor in the sitting room, Dee found this well preserved brick floor, which he cleaned and re-laid.

Refurbished brick floor in period property renovation

These crenellations on the beamwork are fabulous.

Detail on beam in period propertyDetail on beam in period property

Detail on beam in period property

The left hand side of the corridor, shown below, was the original entrance to the house. This side of the house now faces a separate neighbouring property, built in later years.

Interior view in beamed period property

Upon close investigation, stud and architraving holes can be found in the old beams - showing where doors and windows were previously hung.

Detail on beam in period propertyDetail on beam in period property

The rustic arched door to the sitting room still has its original ring latch.

Interior Antique Door in Period Property

Antique Ring Latch in Period Property

Rustic Kitchen

In the kitchen, Dee has replaced all of the cupboards with rustic ledge and brace doors. He used old, full-sized pine ledge and brace doors, cutting them down to size.

The planks from these doors were also used to make shelving with internally fitted spot lights. Dee used our vintage inspired cast iron GNER Shelf Brackets - perfect rustic style.


GNER cast iron shelf bracketGNER cast iron shelf bracket

The cupboards were finished off with our Pewter Arrow End T Hinges and Pewter Beaten Cabinet Knobs.

Beaten Pewter Cabinet Knob & Pewter Arrow End Hinge

It has taken almost three years to complete the renovations, with more work planned for the garden - just in time for hopefully another hot summer!

Thanks for showing us around your gorgeous home, Dee & Steph.

Owners of Period Property Renovation  in Clare Suffolk







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