• antique ironmongery from Lake Como
    Italian antique Ironmongery from Lake Como Area
    Take a stroll with us along the medieval alleys of Varenna in Lake Como for some...
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  • Cottage latch handing guide
    Cottage Latch Handing Guide
    Handing guide for choosing right hand or left hand cottage latches for your doors.
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  • Door Locks Explained: 3 Lever vs 5 Lever Sash Locks
    Door Locks Explained: 3 Lever vs 5 Lever Sash Locks
    What's the difference between 3 lever and 5 lever locks?
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  • rim lock set, what is a rim lock
    Why Choose A Rim Lock?
    Thinking of a rim lock? Everything you need to know for your doors.
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  • medieval door handles and vintage door handles
    A Brief History Of The Door Handle
    Discover the history of the humble door handle from ancient Egypt to modern times.
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  • Parliament door hinges, wide throw hinges
    What Are Parliament Hinges
    Parliament Hinges are also called wide throw hinges. Video & guide with security advice.
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  • what is a deadlock? Blog article
    What Is A Deadlock?
    Find out the difference between a deadlock, deadbolt and a sash lock
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  • what's the difference between forged and cast products?
    What's The Difference Between Forged & Cast Ironmongery?
    Learn the differences between forging and casting. The oldest metal shaping techniques known to man.
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  • Stonebridge Ironmongery, Accoya rated door furniture
    Stonebridge Forged Ironmongery
    A premium collection of hand forged door & window hardware with Armor-Coat external grade coating.
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  • what is an espag window handle? Casement window hardware
    What Is An Espag Window Handle?
    Everything you need to know about espagnolette handles. Great for double glazed casements.
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  • What is a multipoint door lock? multi point door handles
    What is a Multipoint Door Lock?
    Multipoint locks offer three times the level of security compared to a single bolt lock.
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  • Accoya approved ironmongery for doors and windows
    Ironmongery For Accoya Wood Doors & Windows
    Accoya is created from FSC certified woods and is ideal for doors, windows & joinery.
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