Cupboard Pull Handles - Original

Cupboard pull handles are a classic choice for your kitchen, suitable for cabinets & drawers of all sizes. We offer something for every interior, from traditional designs to modern handle styles in a wide variety of finishes. Browse our range of premium quality brass, cast iron, chrome, nickel and bronze pull handles and more.

  • Apollo Pull Handles
    antique brass drawer handles

    Apollo Pull Handles

    From £15.00
  • Bauhaus Pull Handles
    Brass kitchen cupboard handles

    Bauhaus Pull Handles

    From £15.50
  • wardrobe modern handles, Binary Pulls from the Industrial Cabinet Furniture Collection
  • Brass Pull Handles
    Brass Pull Handles

    Brass Pull Handles

    From £10.00
  • Bronze Bow Handles
    Bronze pull handles

    Bronze Bow Handles

    From £6.00
  • Bureau Pull Handles
    Kitchen drawer handle
  • Drawer pull handles
    Black cupboard handle
  • Canyon Pull Handles
    Brass cupboard handle
  • cupboard pull handles
    cupboard door handles

    Cast Iron Bow Handles

    From £5.00
  • cast iron handles - Cast Iron D Handle
    Kitchen cupboard handles
  • cast iron slim bow handle
    antique iron pull handle
  • City Pull Handles
    Modern Kitchen Cupboard Handle

    City Pull Handles

    From £13.00
  • Detroit Pull Handles
    Brass cupboard handle
  • Durham Pull Handles
    Brass cupboard handle

    Durham Pull Handles

    From £9.00
  • Flush Pull Handles
    Detail of chrome flush pull handle
  • Fulford Pull Handles with Armor-Coat®
    kitchen handles
  • Knurled Pull Handles
    Knurled Pull Handle

    Knurled Pull Handles

    From £19.00
  • Metro Pull Handles
    Modern Pull Handles

    Metro Pull Handles

    From £13.00
  • Phoenix Pull Handles
    Modern brass Pull Handle

    Phoenix Pull Handles

    From £19.00
  • Railway Pull Handles
    Modern cupboard handle
  • Ring Cabinet Pull, Modern pull handles
    Ring pull cupboard handle
  • Salisbury Pull Handles with Armor-Coat®
    cupboard handles
  • T Bar Handles
    Modern cupboard handle

    T Bar Handle

  • Vault Pull Handle as modern wardrobe handles
    Modern pull handle
  • Wide Metro Pull Handles
    Wide brass pull handles

Cupboard Pull Handles - Original

Cupboard and drawer pull handles are the ideal utilitarian choice for your kitchen, offering an easy grip and functional style. Often used for lower cabinets, pulls can also be co-ordinated with cupboard knobs for a unique tailored look.

Our cupboard pull handles are sold singly with fixing screws. Suitable for most cabinet thicknesses, the screws can be trimmed as needed. Choose from rustic styles for farmhouse kitchens or modern and black options for contemporary homes. We offer something for every colour scheme, but don't hesitiate to contact our friendly team if you cannot find what you are looking for.

Co-ordinate with our matching Cupboard Knobs and Cup Pulls.