Rim Lock Door Knobs

Our rim lock door knobs are suitable for Victorian style rim locks. These rim door knobs have authentic period designs and are available in a choice of wooden, brass and cast iron styles.


Rim Lock Door Knobs

Rim lock door knobs are the ideal choice for period properties, especially Victorian houses. Our rim knobs have removable rose plates making them suitable for any type of rim lock. Choose from a range of original vintage styles and finishes.

A rim lock is a surface mounted door lock, usually fitted to doors that cannot accomodate a mortice tubular latch or sash lock. Rim locks are also a good choice if you are looking for a striking decorative period feature for your doors.

Our rim lock door knobs are sold as pairs with mortice bar and fixings. For co-ordinating door hardware, take a look at our range of keyhole escutcheons and butt hinges. If you need tips and advice for fitting your rim lock and rim door knobs, please see our handy guide: How To Fit A Rim Lock.