How to Fit New Beehive Door Knobs

Fitting our Latest Beehive Door Knobs

We have recently updated our beehive door knobs to make it even easier for you to fit them. 

This guide is for our Rosewood & Antique or Ebonised & Antique Beehive Door Knobs.  

If you have a door knob that has grub screws please view our other fitting guide.

 Beehive Door Knobs

Tools Required for installed Beehive Door Knobs:

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • power drill
  • small drill bit
  • Pencil

Step One:

Remove any old ironmongery from your door and upbox your brand-new beehive door knobs. 

 Removing Old Ironmongery

Step Two:

insert the tubular latch into the door and then insert the included mortice bar into the opening. Then offer up the door knobs into the mortice bar.

 mortice hole

Step Three:

Using a pencil make all eight holes around the rose plates, these markings are where the included screws will be attached.


Step 4:

Remove door knobs and use your power drill and small drill bit, and proceed to make pilot holes on the markings being careful not to go too deep into the wood (we recommend drilling shallow holes which just allow the tip of the wood screws to latch onto).


Step 5:

Reattach your door knobs back onto the mortice bar and begin to attach the door knobs with the included coloured wood screws, we would recommend using a screwdriver here to avoid damaging the heads of the screws.

Attaching Beehive Door Knobs

Once the knobs are firmly attached check to see if they work as intended. 


If you encounter any problems with your installation please don't hesitate to give us a call: 01787 277277


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