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NEW! Rim Locks

If you are looking for period features for your home you will love our new antique style rim locks.

We are excited to present these gorgeous new additions to our Rim Locks collection. Authentic Victorian designs in solid brass and antique iron, available in a selection of sizes and styles.

Rim locks are the oldest type of door lock. Also called box locks or Victorian locks, they are an eye-catching feature for doors that cannot accomodate a mortice fitted lock, or if you are looking to add period detail to your home. Rim Locks are designed to be fitted to the surface of a door, with a rectangular shaped keeper that fits into the door jam.

There are two types of rim lock - one with a keyed lock and another with a locking snib. The locking snib version is usually called a bathroom rim lock and this privacy lock can only be locked or unlocked from one side.


Stunning Feature Door Locks


Brass Rim Locks

The new Brass Rim Locks are stunning pieces. Made from high quality solid brass with a beautiful polished finish, they are real statement pieces that will last for generations. Choose from large, small and bathroom versions in right and left hand options. We also have a wide selection of rim lock door knob sets, including matching solid brass door knobs and our classic rosewood beehive door knobs. All rim lock sets come with a match keyhole escutcheon.

You can see our full range of rim locks and door knob sets HERE.

Brass Rim Locks


Iron Rim Locks

The Iron Rim Locks are the perfect choice if you want to create a rustic look in your home. There are individual casting marks in the metal, and the dark grey colour offers an industrial aesthetic that works really well with monochrome colour schemes, contemporary styling and simple rustic interiors. The cast iron outer casing has a lacquered finish to give protection from rusting, although please note, these are not suitable for external use. 

The iron locks are available in large and small sizes and we also have a bathroom version with a locking snib. These rim locks are handed and you will need to check your doors to make sure you choose the correct handing. All information and dimensions can be found on the individual product listings, or if you need any extra help, don't hesitate to give us a call. 

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Iron Rim Locks


Ornate Rim Locks

Based on authentic Victorian designs, our Ornate Rim Locks are stunning decorative locks. The locks are available in iron, polished brass and antique brass options, all sold with two antique style brass keys. Ornate rim locks are the perfect choice for a period property, and also are a great way to inject traditional character into your home.

These rim locks are only available with a keyed universal lock lock style, and they are suitable for both left and right handed doors. The ornate rim lock door knob sets have co-ordinating brass, cast iron and wooden door knobs and matching escutcheons. See our Rim Locks Collection page for more details and photos.

Ornate Rim Locks



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