Why Choose A Rim Lock?

Are you confused about the choice of lock for your interior doors? The options range from a simple bolt to a mortice lock or a rim lock.

What is a rim lock?

This is the oldest type of locking device. Its basic design comprises a surface mounted box containing a lock and a latch.They are fixed to the door rather than being set into a mortice in the edge.

Brief History Of The Rim Lock

This type of lock has been used since the Medieval period. In later centuries, especially during the Renaissance period, these locks became a design feature and were intricately decorated.

rim latch, rim lock set and antique decorative rim lock

The locks today are based upon the design adopted during the Victorian period with brass features.

antique Victorian rim lock


Why Choose A Rim Lock?

If your door is not thick enough to fit an internal locking mechanism, you will need a rim lock set. But that is not to say a thicker door cannot have a rim lock - it can also be a style choice. Rim locks add great period detail to a home.

Our Victorian Rim Locks have a simple classic design with brass accents.

Please remember when fitting one of these locks, not all door knobs are compatible - the knob will need to have a separate rose plate rather than fixed.

These styles from our Door Knob Collection are suitable for fitting on a rim lock:

  • Bun
  • Ringed
  • Octagonal, Oval & Round Cast Iron
  • Beehive Solid Brass

Please note that rim locks are not suitable for exterior doors for security reasons - they can be easily removed by an intruder. If you do want to use them for an exterior door please contact your home insurance company who will give advice regarding an additional secure lock.