Types of Door Pull Handles

Different Types of Door Pull Handles


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We offer several mounting options for our pull handles, these are mainly aesthetical choices, however, some consideration needs to be for home safety. For example, a front fixing handle would not be appropriate for an exterior door, as they can be removed extremely easily with a screwdriver.  Our pull handles offer a range of mounting options, each designed to enhance both the aesthetic appeal and the security of your home. Consider, for instance, our front fixing handle, which not only adds elegance to your interior but also ensures utmost safety, as it cannot be easily removed with a mere screwdriver.


Back-to-back Door Pull Handles

Back to Back Door Pull Handles typically refer to a set of handles used on both sides of a door, where the handles are mounted directly opposite each other. This configuration allows the door to be opened from either side using the pull handles. These handles are commonly used in glass doors or heavy doors where a push/pull mechanism is preferred. They are often made of materials like stainless steel, brass, or aluminium, and come in various styles and finishes to match different door designs. The key feature of back-to-back handles is that they are mounted so that they mirror each other on opposite sides of the door.

 Back-to-Back pull handles

Front Fixing Door Pull Handles

A front-fixing door pull handle is a type of door handle designed for easy installation. It's called "front fixing" because it is typically mounted on the front surface of the door, rather than a bolt-through collection having to be drilled in from the other side of the door, front fixings can simply be attached to the face of the door with no large modifications to the door itself. 

Front Door Pull Handles

Here are some characteristics of front-fixing door pull handles:

  • Installation: They are mounted directly onto the door's surface, usually with screws that go through the door and are fastened from the front. This makes installation simpler compared to other types of handles that may require precise cutting into the door.
  • Usage: Front fixing door pull handles are commonly used on a variety of doors, including entry doors, office doors, and large cabinet doors. Their design is suitable for both residential and commercial settings.

Rear Fixing Door Pull Handles

A rear fixing door pull handle is a type of door handle designed for ease of installation and a clean appearance. Unlike traditional handles which are fixed from the front, a rear fixing handle is installed from the backside of the door. 

These will usually be fixed by bolt or bolt-through screws to connect these pull handles to the other side of the door and secure them.

 Pull Handles

Concealed Fixing Door Pull Handles

A concealed fixing door pull handle is a type of handle that is designed to be mounted on a door in such a way that the fixing mechanism (screws, bolts, etc.) is not visible from the outside. This design provides a sleek, clean appearance to the door, as the mounting hardware is hidden.  This concealed fixing door pull handle is expertly designed to be mounted on a door in a way that hides the fixing mechanism (screws, bolts, etc.) from sight. This creates a streamlined and polished look for the door, enhancing its overall appearance.

This design can not only add a minimalist design but also have the added security benefit of not having any mounting or fixing screws in sight making it hard for anyone to attempt to seal it. 

Concealed fixing door pull handles are especially popular in settings where design and aesthetics are a priority, and where the hardware of a handle should not interrupt the visual flow of the door or the room.


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