Why Large Door Pulls are Worth it on your Home

Why Large Door Pulls Are Worth it on Your Home


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The Impact of Large Door Pulls on your Home

With a sea of lever handles and door knobs, it can be difficult to truly stand out above the rest with door furniture however, with our latest collection of large door pull handles, this is finally possible.  With ten different styles, five finishes and multiple sizes for each, you can create a statement piece for your door.  Our collection of large door pull handles offers a unique opportunity to make your door truly stand out among the sea of lever handles and door knobs available in the market.

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Practical Advantages of Oversized Front Door Pulls

Even a beautifully designed large pull handle can still have a practical side. As they are oversized they cover a large length of the door and will be vastly easier to open the door by pushing on it if you have bags, or for people who may be in a wheelchair. Having a large pull handle that can be grasped from a lower high is ideal. 


Types of Door Pull Handles

The variety of pull handles is immense, with not only styles and finishes but also mounting options as well. These can range from front fixings, to bolt-through pull handles and concealed fixings. each has its benefits, with concealed fixings having a sleek appearance and no holes visible. Whereas, a bolt-through pull handle is far better for security as it is impossible to remove from a front door without having access to the other side of the door. For more information please discover our dedicated blog on types of pull handles.

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Choosing the Right Large Door Pull for Your Home

When it comes to choosing a pull handle that's right for your specific project the factors you should take into consideration are:

  • Size of door
  • Finish of door pull
  • Size of pull handle
  • Placement of door pull
  • Overall aesthetic of door and surrounding features

Subjects such as aesthetics are important for choosing hardware for your door. Choosing not only the right design for your door, but either a contemporary handle such as our Large Deco Door Pull Handle or a more vintage style can either elevate a home or cause controversy. Also important is the finish of the door pull. Polished chrome is a classic and unoffensive choice however this can prove to be a fingerprint magnetic after significant uses. Where has the popularity of satin brass has been obvious due to its gorgeous rich tones however, some may consider it too popular and may choose a different option. 

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Installation and Maintenance

When it comes to installing these large brass pull handles we have created a dedicated blog to help with the installation. 


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