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Best Window and Door Locks to prevent theft

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  1. What locks do police recommend?
  2. What is the safest lock in the UK?
  3. What do home insurance companies request for doors and windows?

the UK Police 'door security' page recommends several precautions for your locks. 

To keep your doors secure, use a Night Latch, this product is attached to the surface of the interior side of a front door and can be opened and closed with the small lever turn. From the outside, the lock has a cylinder type of escutcheon which is operated by a key. There is a sliding button on the night latch to hold the bolt in an open or closed position.

Another great option for door security is a Deadlock which is a lock that is morticed inside the door and can be locked and unlocked using a key from either side of the door. 

What is the safest lock in the UK?

The 5 lever mortice lock is renowned for being the most secure lock you can use in your home. The mortice lock consists of a 'deadlock' that is controlled by a lever and key. With the latch being controlled by a door knob or handle and a mortice bar that allows the latch to contract and release.

What do home insurance companies request for doors and windows?

Insurances companies will require you to be able to lock your windows, for the more modern window, something that is all too common is the window fastener with a key. this allows you to lock your windows and be secure, however, these always seem to lack any character or style with most being plain white plastic. However if you have an older window or want some flare to your window furniture. Consider another type of window furniture that is lockable with a key. Casement Stays and Casement Stay Locking Pin, these come in a large selection of finishes and base material that can conwardernate with your home design. 



It's essential to choose the right types of locks for both doors and windows. For doors, the use of a Night Latch provides convenient internal security, while a Deadlock offers robust protection as it can be locked from both sides. The 5 lever mortice lock, recognised as the safest in the UK, combines both a deadlock and a latch mechanism, making it an ideal choice for homeowners. On the windows, insurance companies say you need locks to ensure security. While basic window fasteners are common, opting for more aesthetically pleasing options like Casement Stays with a Casement Stay Locking Pin can add both style and security. By selecting these recommended locks, you can significantly increase the safety of your home while meeting the necessary insurance criteria.



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