Casement Window Furniture Collection

Traditional Casement Window Furniture is the ideal choice for period properties or country cottage style homes. Available in classic black or a more rustic pewter finish.

We have three distinct styles available: Monkey Tail, Pear Drop and Shepherds Crook, all three aptly named because of their stylised designs.

Window Stays

Window Stays are used to keep an open window in place. Once you have the window open at the desired distance, use one of the holes on the stay to fix it into position onto the lug.

Window Fasteners

Casement Fasteners are used as a more traditional method of closing your window compared to that of the modern keyhole. As with the window stays, they are more commonly found in cottages and traditionally designed houses.

The black finish of our window furniture is the more traditional colour finish, however rustic pewter is a lovely alternative that can work well with more modern interiors.

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