Finesse Pewter Door Handles

Explore the Finesse Door Lever Handles Collection, featuring elegant English-crafted pewter hardware. Choose from four unique designs with various options, ensuring style and functionality for any renovation project.

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Finesse Pewter Door Handles

Introducing the Finesse Door Lever Handles Collection, an exquisite range of English-crafted hardware that seamlessly blends style and functionality. Made from natural rustic pewter, these handles exude elegance, elevating any interior or exterior door.

Select from four distinct designs - Durham, Fenwick, Tunstall, and Derwent - each with their own unique charm, and available in lock, latch, euro, and bathroom options to suit any renovation project. Multipoint options ensure enhanced security and convenience.

Discover our exclusive video about the Finesse Pewter Factory

Pair the Finesse Door Lever Handles with our front door hardware for a harmonious, stylish look, adding character and allure to your property. Experience the unmatched beauty and practicality of Finesse Door Lever Handles and transform your doors into stunning, functional works of art.