Decorative Nails & Studs - Why Use Them?

If you are renovating your period property or giving your home an updated, yet traditionally inspired look, you probably aren't thinking about Nails & Door Studs,  yet hand-forged nails and furniture studs can give the perfect finishing touch to your project and inject authentic period detail.

Antique Hand Forged Nails

A Quick History Of Nails

Nails have been used from the Bronze age and used in a similar way to today - for fixing together two items, or as a peg to hang something from.

Prior to the 1800s nails had square or rectangular heads, were all hand-forged and looked more like a peg.From the 1800's, round headed nails came into use. These different nail styles are a useful way to date antique doors or furniture. Today, hand-forged nails are ideal for projects that require a traditional period design.

Period property front door with decorative nails


Door & Upholstery Studs

Door Studs

Studs were first used on external doors and gates as protection from swords and axes of an enemy attack. Later, they became decorative features for period properties.

Antique door studs

Upholstery Studs

Metal studs appeared on furniture in the 17th century and were a functional way of holding fabric in place, yet also served a decorative purpose. Studs can be used on contemporary furniture as a way of adding period detail. Studs can also be used as a decorative feature on wooden chests and ocassional furniture. Pyramid studs can also be used on doors.

Furniture upholstery studs on a leather chair


Here at Suffolk Latch Company, we offer a beautiful range of simple hand forged nails in pewter and a darker self-metal colour. Available in two sizes the smaller 35mm size is ideal for door decoration, while the 65mm longer length can be used on wooden flooring to give that authentic period feature. Our upholstery studs are pyramid in style and cast in iron to give a uniform look. These pyramid studs are a great choice for dressing furniture or simply giving a decorative edge to a heavy oak door. 


Upholstery Stud & Hand Forged Nails

Hand Forged nails & Upholstery Studs


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