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The past year has seen unprecendented change to our daily lives. Working from home, juggling homeschooling, limited social interaction - it has altered the way we think about our homes. We want comfort and durability. Rooms that work for our multiple needs, yet also give us a relaxing environment. So it is no surprise that comfort is the main theme for interior trends this year. There is going to be less of a focus on stark, neutral interiors, awash with greys and colder colours, and more emphasis on nature, with cozy spaces decorated in rich, warm tones.

Read on for tips and inspiration on how to style the latest home decor trends for 2021 interiors.

Home decor trends 2021

1. Rustic Chic

The rustic chic trend for 2021 is a sophisticated take on the popular cottage-core style. Relaxed and cosy with a up-market twist is how to sum up this home decor choice. The focus is less shabby and more chic. And it is easy to inject the new rustic trend into your living space.

  • Mix old & new.
  • Use vintage accessories to give a rustic accent.
  • Layer prints & colours in florals and patterns.
  • Use weathered & reclaimed woods next to polished and painted pieces.
  • Oil rubbed bronze & antique brass ironmongery are great choices.
  • Organised clutter & kitsch knick-knacks are a good way to create a cosy cottage atmosphere.
Rustic Chic Home Decor Trends 2021


2. Upcycling

The original Arts & Crafts movement flourished in Europe and America between 1880 and 1920. It was an anti-industrial reaction to the perceived decline of traditional craftmanship, following the industrial revolution and the rise of factory made goods. In recent years, the surge in DIY has seen many people find their inner creative. Upcycling is predicted to be even more popular in 2021, with the push for sustainable and ecological products. Instead of buying new, revamp the old. Instead of discarding, refashion and upcycle. Embrace this trend and choose sustainable interiors by transforming your old furniture into stunning works of art.

  • Paints & stains are a great way to give a new look.
  • Replace old cupboard knobs and pull handles with decorative alternatives.
  • Make your pieces individual by getting creative and doing something original.
Upcycling home decor trends 2021

3. Grandmillenial

Granny-chic is going to be big in 2021. Taking inspiration from your grandmother's home style, choose floral wallpapers, velvet sofas, embroidered accessories and comfortable cushions. Grandmillenial isn't just about copying vintage decor however, so remember to mix the old classic designs with a contemporary painting on the wall, or choose a sofa with a modern design. As with the rustic chic trend, Grandmillenial is all about mixing the old with the new. And remember, if it feels too much, then it's probably about right!

  • Wallpapers are back in a big way. Choose bold patterns and florals.
  • Make a statement with a wall mural.
  • Mix old style patterns with vibrant contemporary colours.
  • Choose velvets, needlepoint and embroidered fabrics.
Grandmillenial home decor trends 2021


4. Colour

2021 interiors are going to be all about colour. The grey-on-grey neutral interiors, that have dominated for the past few years, are being replaced by rich accents, dark tones and full blown bold colour shouts! Colour that makes you feel warm and zings your senses. Green is also going to be a big colour trend this year, especially green kitchens and cabinets.

  • Update your white interiors with bold coloured cushions and accessories.
  • Paint your cupboards green.
  • Go for tones that co-ordinate rather than match.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment with dark or rich colours.

Colour home decor trends 2021


5. Houseplants

Green is another big trend for 2021, and not just the colour. Embrace nature and bring the outdoors inside with an air purifying plant. These varieties are tipped to be our new favourites.

  • Blue Star Fern: Beautiful elongated fronds. Keep soil moist. Ideal for lower light positions.
  • Fishbone Cactus: Flat Zig zag leaves. Likes bright indirect light and an ocassional misting.
  • Bunny Ear Cactus: An easy to keep cactus, which is pleasingly shrub-like. Oval shaped "bunny-ear"pads.
  • Happy Bean Plant: A succulent with peapod shaped leaves. This plant likes humidity and light, so keep away from draughts.
  • String Of Hearts: A pretty trailing plant that looks great on a bookshelf. Likes warmth and indirect, bright light.
Houseplant home decor trends 2021


6. Brass & Metals

Brass is a major trend this year. Brass accents add warmth, style and elegance to a room - perfect for the new focus on being cozy and comfortable. Choose brass taps, door knobs and cupboard furniture. Use silver, bronze and copper tones to complement.

  • Mix and match metals to give a rich layered look.
  • Brass cup pulls and cupboard knobs are ideal for kitchens.
  • Antique brass door knobs co-ordinate well with distressed silver tones.
  • Warm metal colours are the ideal choice for the Rustic Chic and Grandmillenial trends.
Brass and metals home decor trends 2021

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