A mortice (also spelt mortise) is a cavity or slot, usually rectangular, cut into a piece of wood or stone in order to receive a matching insert of the same dimensions.

Door Closing Options

  • Mortice latch/lock - fitted into a cavity in the edge of the door
  • Rim lock/latch - fitted on the outside of the door
  • Suffolk Latch - designed for traditional ledge and braced doors

For further info about Rim Locks and Suffolk Latches, please see:

Why Choose a Rim Lock?

How to fit a Suffolk Latch

Quick History of Mortice Door Lock/Latch

Introduced in the mid 1700s, mortice latches and locks were initially used only for the most formal rooms in houses owned by the wealthy. In the 1800s the use of mortice locks and latches increased. Now they are a common feature in all homes.

Our Choice Of Mortice Locks/Latches

We sell mortice door locks and tubular latches separately, to compliment our range of door handles and door knobs.

mortice latchcollection of tubular latches and mortice lock with handle

mortice lock with keys and mortice door lockmortice door knob and mortice lock

Mortice Locks:

  • 3 lever locks suitable for internal doors only. External doors require a 5 lever lock in order to comply with insurance requirements
  • 2 options: Bathroom Lock or Sash with keys
  • Each option is available in chrome or dark chrome to compliment our chrome and black handles

Tubular Latches

TIP: Door knobs are unsprung. If you want to use a mortice door knob rather than a door handle, we recommend using our 4" heavy duty double sprung tubular latch. And for a locking option with a door knob, you can use our 3 lever mortice lock with our choice of escutcheons to give a professional and stylish finish to the keyhole.

See also our Video with further info on our Mortice Locks...


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