Window Accessories

Window Stay Locks offer additional security to your casement window. They are designed to be fitted to a traditional window stay and replace one of the standard lugs.

  • Window Stay Lock Black & Pewter
    Window security locks with allen key

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    Window Stay Lock Black & Pewter

    Window Stay Lock

  • Stonebridge Ironmongery Window Stay Lock
    Detail of curl window stay

Window Accessories

Window stay locks are a useful security addition for your casement windows. These window locks are fitted to your window stays in place of a standard lug. The locking nut is then tightened in place with the locking Allen key supplied. Window locks are easy to fit and a great solution for locking your windows. Choose the black or pewter to match our range of Pear Drop, Shepherds Crook & Monkey Tail Stays. The window stay with Armor-Coat® co-ordinates with the Stonebridge Window Stays.