Insurance Company Recommendations for Locks

Insurance Company Recommendations for Locks

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This blog is all about what we would recommend you purchase to ensure a safer home for insurance company recommendations and requirements in the UK.

What are approved locks for insurance?

Multiple sources such as CTM and Uswitch quote that a 'five-lever mortice lock' with a BS 3621 or updated BS certifications are the best lock to secure your home and comply with insurance companies. Another mention is the use of recently very popular uPVC doors with a multipoint lock, this is a fair new invention however as the name suggests, its locks at multiple points around the door, this is all operated by something called a euro cylinder lock which insurance companies recommend investing in a higher security lock such as a 15 pin euro lock with anti break and anti pick features to make it difficult to bypass them. 

However, for people with prephaps older properties have a uPVC or composite door isn't right for you home and/or aesthetic. A night latch is a wonderful solution, they offer a keyed way to enter your home but inside only needed to be turned using a small lever. Please always pair a night latch with with a 5 lever lock to ensure you are compliant with UK home insurance requirements. 

How do I know if my door lock conforms to BS3621?

To see if your existing locks has a BS3631 certification, look at the 'face plate', which will be visible even if your lock is inside your door, you are looking for a logo and kitemark seen in the picture below.

Do smart locks affect insurance?

in 2024 insurance companies will not charge you more for using any time of smart lock, however this is only true as long as you have another method of locking you door. Such as night latch or 5 lever lock.



In conclusion, securing your home in compliance with UK insurance company recommendations primarily involves installing robust locking systems. A five-lever mortice lock certified with BS 3621 or its updated versions remains the top choice for traditional security. For those with uPVC doors, a multipoint locking system operated by a high-security euro cylinder, preferably with 15 pins, anti-break, and anti-pick features, is highly recommended. Additionally, while the use of smart locks is becoming more accepted, it is important to ensure that they are used alongside another secure locking method like a night latch or a five-lever lock to meet insurance criteria. Always check for the BS3621 kitemark on your lock's faceplate to confirm compliance and enhance your home's safety.


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