Front Fixing Pull Handles

Front fixing pull handles are also known as face fixed handles. These easy-to-fit handles are suitable for cupboards and drawers of all sizes, in a range of classic styles.

  • Penny End Black Pulls Collection | Door & Cupboard, penny end handles
    cottage style kitchen

    Penny End Black Pulls

    From £7.50
  • Penny End Pewter Pulls
    pewter cupboard pull handle
  • Arrow end black pull handles
    door pull handles

    Arrow End Black Pulls

    From £7.50
  • Arror end pewter pulls, door pull handles
    pewter door pull handle
  • Bronze Bow Handles
    Bronze pull handles

    Bronze Bow Handles

    From £6.00
  • cupboard pull handles
    cupboard door handles

    Cast Iron Bow Handles

    From £5.00
  • Bureau Pull Handles
    Kitchen drawer handle

Front Fixing Pull Handles

Our front fixing pull handles are fitted with wood screws and the exposed screws are designed to be part of the overall look. This style of pull handle is ideal if you have a cupboard that is unusually thick as the screw does not need to pass through the entire width of timber.

Choose from hand forged, cast iron & bronze pull handles in a choice of finishes. The handles are sold singly with matching fixing screws. Please see the individual listings for more details and dimensions.

See also our range of matching cupboard knobs and cup pulls for a complete look.