Cupboard Knobs

Traditional & modern cupboard knobs for your cabinets and drawers. Whether you are looking for replacement furniture knobs, or hardware for your new kitchen, we have something for every home.

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36 Products


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  • Beehive Cabinet Knobs, kitchen cupboard knobs
    antique brass beehive cabinet knob on cupboard

    Beehive Cabinet Knobs

    From £7.50
  • Victorian Cabinet Knobs, kitchen cupboard knobs
    cupboard knobs brass, chrome, antique & nickel
  • Wooden Beehive Cabinet Knobs
    ebonised black beehive cabinet knobs
  • Bun Cabinet Door Knobs in Rosewood and Ebonised Finish
    Rosewood cupboard knob
  • Beehive & Antique Cabinet Knobs
    Rosewood Beehive Cabinet Knob with Antique Brass Rose Plate
  • Beehive & Chrome Cabinet Knobs
    Ebonised Beehive Cabinet Knob with Chrome Rose
  • Disc Knurled Cabinet Knobs
    knurled kitchen knob
  • Disc Cabinet Knobs
    Brass cupboard knob

    Disc Cabinet Knobs

    From £9.50
  • Cylinder Knurled Cabinet Knobs
    Knurled brass cabinet knobs
  • Beaten cabinet knobs
    hand beaten cupboard knobs in black and pewter

    Beaten Cabinet Knobs

    From £4.00
  • bronze cabinet knobs, bronze kitchen handles
    Bronze Classic Cabinet Knobs
  • Cast Iron Classic Cabinet Knobs
    Cast iron classic cupboard knobs
  • Cast Iron Ringed Cabinet Knobs
    Cast Iron ringed cabinet knobs close up
  • Round Cabinet Knobs
    Round brass cupboard knobs

    Round Cabinet Knobs

    From £6.50
  • Oval Cabinet Knobs
    Oval Brass Cupboard Knob

    Oval Cabinet Knobs

    From £6.50
  • Florence Cabinet Knobs
    brass cupboard knob
  • T Bar Cabinet Knobs
    T bar cabinet knobs
  • Hexagon Cupboard Knobs
    Hexagon cabinet knobs
  • Round Edge Cabinet Knobs
    Round Edge brass cupboard knobs
  • Pyramid Cabinet Knobs
    Geometric Cabinet Knob
  • Hand Beaten Cabinet Knobs
    Beaten Cabinet Knobs
  • Brooklyn Knobs from the Industrial Cabinet Furniture Collection
    Round cupboard knob
  • Calyx Cabinet Knobs
    Modern cupboard knob
  • Podium Knob from the Modern Cabinet Handles Collection
    Modern Cupboard Knob
  • Cylinder Ribbed Cabinet Knobs
    Modern brass cabinet knobs
  • Cast Iron Hammered Cabinet Knobs
    Cast Iron Hammered Cabinet Knobs close up
  • Button Cabinet Knobs Cast Iron
    Cast Iron button cabinet knobs close-up
  • Cast iron Flower Cabinet Knobs
    Cast Iron Flower cabinet knobs close up
  • Cast Iron Bun Cabinet Knobs
    Cast Iron Bun Cabinet Knobs close-up
  • Cast Iron Mushroom Hammered Cabinet Knobs
    Cast iron mushroom hammered cabinet knobs
  • Cast iron Dotted Cabinet Knobs
    Cast iron dotted cabinet knobs
  • Cast Iron Ball Cabinet Knobs in two sizes
    Solid cast iron ball cabinet knobs close-up
  • antique drawer knobs also known as rustic kitchen knobs
    rustic door furniture
  • Stonebridge Ironmongery Taunton Cabinet Knobs
  • Ashton Cabinet Knobs with Armor-Coat
    Black Cabinet Knobs
  • Cupboard Latches
    Kitchen cupboard latches

Cupboard Knobs

Our cupboard knobs are crafted from the highest quality materials and we are committed to providing you with the best designs and finishes. Choose from our range of solid brass, chrome, bronze, cast iron and wooden knobs.

All of our cabinet knobs are sold singly and supplied with screws suitable for most cupboard and drawer sizes. The larger sized knobs can also be used on a push-pull door. For more details and dimensions, please see the individual listings.

For a unique look, why not co-ordinate with our matching Cup Pulls & Cupboard Pull Handles.