Cast Iron Cupboard Knobs

Our cast iron cupboard knobs are the perfect choice for a classic rustic look. Iron knobs are ideal for cottages and traditional homes as well as modern homes wanting to evoke simple charm.


Cast Iron Cupboard Knobs

Our range of cast iron cupboard knobs include a variety of different sizes suitable for most cupboards & drawers. Choose from traditional designs, or quirky options such as the dotted & flower cabinet knobs.

Cast iron knobs are a great choice for industrial style kitchens and interiors. Iron is an on-trend choice that can be mixed-and-matched with other metals. Cast iron works especially well with black and bronze cabinet furniture.

The cast iron cupboard knobs are made from high quality iron which is cast using traditional ironmongery techniques. All knobs are finished with a matt lacquer, which provides basic rust protection. As iron is a ferrous metal it may develop rust patches if the lacquer wears. Maintain your knobs with a light spray of oil such as WD40. Any rust spots can be removed with wire wool and oil.

These knobs are not recommned for external use, but If you need to apply additional rust protection, you can use a maintenance wax or apply an extra coat of clear matt metal varnish. For further information and dimension details, please see the indivual cupboard knobs.

Co-ordinate with our cast iron hooks, shelf brackets and other cast iron cabinet furniture.