Take a look at our favourite leaf inspired designs...

Pacha Design Leaf Lantern

leaf lantern

This stylish lantern would be a fantastic addition to any home or garden. Perfect for those summer parties. At 15cm's high, it won't take up too much room either. Its also treated with a fire retardant, so its perfectly safe. You can find these wonderful, affordable lanterns at http://www.pachadesign.co.uk/leaf_lantern.html

 Beach Chair by Dedon

lead design beach chair


This lounge chair wouldn't look out of place next to the pool of a 5 star hotel or in a spa. Barca Bench by Jacob Joergensen

leaf design wooden bench

The Barca bench was a gold leaf winner and is probably one of my favourite pieces of furniture ever. It doubles as both a work of art and a beautifully crafted piece of furniture.


And it wouldn't be complete without our very own hand forged Leaf Hook. Ideal for adding quirky detail to your cloakroom, bedroom or hall.




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