American or European Oak For Your Doors?

American or European Oak For Your Doors?
American or European Oak For Your Doors?

American or European Oak For Your Doors?

Oak Ledge & Brace Doors

A ledge and brace door is the ideal choice for a country cottage-style home. Traditional ledge and brace doors are usually made from oak and a question we are often asked is: which is better, American or European? The answer depends upon your needs...

Ledge and brace door with pewter penny end T hinge

American Oak

American oak is very clean and it is usually supplied in longer lengths. It has very few knots and is generally straight after machining. This allows for greater efficiency when cutting. And if you require a lot of doors, this can save you money. So why consider anything other than American Oak? Essentially it comes down to aesthetics - the look of the wood.

European Oak

European oak is quite different to look at compared with American Oak. The machined boards are full of character and the colours vary greatly from tree to tree. Despite having a closer grain than American, European oak is much softer and easier to cut and machine. The real beauty in European oak is in the finish. When using it for ledge and brace doors, the use of danish oil or a wax really highlights the soft part of the grain.

If you lay two finished boards of European and American Oak next to each other, you would be forgiven for thinking that you were looking at two completely different species of timber.

European versus American oak

European Oak gives a more traditional, rustic look and is ideal for country cottage style homes and period properties.

Suffolk latch on an oak ledge & brace door



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