Hand forged door bolts are ideal for period properties, especially country cottage style homes with traditional features.

Our bolts are available in black beeswax and rustic pewter in two classic designs: Fishtail & Shepherds Crook.

Hand Made On The Anvil

Individually hand made, our bolts are fashioned from a single piece of steel. Once heated in the forge, the metal is bent to form a leaf spring.

This method of manufacture allows the bolt to be fitted both vertically and horizonatally and always retain tension, not dropping under its own weight.

With continual use over the years, bolts may become a little slack. A useful tip, to prevent having to replace the bolt, is to insert a flat screwdriver into the gap of the spring and give a gentle twist - this will increase the tension again.

New bolts can often be a little stiff but a couple of drops of oil on the contact parts of the bolt will help.

Beeswax Coating

Beeswax is used in traditional ironmongery as a rust-protective coating. This coating can however be sticky. To remove excess beeswax before fitting, please use a mild solvent such as WD40.

Choosing the Best Size

The smaller 4” bolt is commonly used as a privacy bolt for bedrooms and bathrooms. Also ideal for stable style doors.

The 6" bolt is ideal as a front door bolt or for use on larger doors.

Please note: if you are using the bolt for privacy in a room and have toddlers or small children, it is best to fit the bolt in an out-of-reach position to prevent children locking themselves in.

Straight Vs Cranked

Straight Bolts are designed for use on flush surfaces and are supplied with a mortice plate and receiver bridge.

The cranked option is used when going into the side of a frame, or for surfaces that are not flush. Cranked bolts are supplied with a mortice plate only.

We recommend our hand forged door furniture to be used inside your home only. This is not to say you cannot use these products outside, but you must be prepared for rust and wear, depending upon the level of exposure to the elements.



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