Stonebridge Architectural Ironmongery

The team at Suffolk Latch Company are delighted to offer the Stonebridge Architectural Ironmongery Collection. Premium quality forged steel hardware for your home. The products are designed and engineered by experts using the latest manufacturing technologies along with traditional hand skills.

Stonebridge Ironmongery is a family owned company based in rural County Durham and is a trading name of DJH Group Ltd.

Stonebridge Ironmongery Architectural Ironmongery

Engineered Hardware

Hand forged items are individual products, with one being slightly different to another. This rustic effect is one of the desirable aspects of hand forged products. Not all home projects, however, lend themselves to this quirky individuality.

At Stonebridge Forge, the products are engineered to have consistent dimensions and centres. This makes them ideal for new builds or certain types of refurbishments where a precise consistency is required - either for aesthetic or practical reasons.

  • Each product begins as a sketched design which is then 3D modelled using the latest CAD software.
  • A metal tool is created into which molten steel ingots are placed before forging under high pressure.
  • The parts are assembled using a combination of manual and machine processes.

Stonebridge Ironmongery design processStonebridge Ironmongery Hand forged process

The metal tooling process provides accurate parts which ensures dimensions are accurate and consistent. This can be crucial for joiners when completing new builds and have a need for high quality products with the same measurements.

Stonebridge Ironomngery Handle partsStonebridge Ironomngery engineered handles

Armor-Coat® Protective Finish

Traditional hand forged hardware is usually not suitable for external use as the beeswax or pewter finishes do not provide protection against the elements. Rust is the main problem when considering hand forged items for external use.

One of the key differences that makes Stonebridge hand forged products stand above other products is the unique Armor-Coat® finish. All of the products in the Stonebridge Ironmongery collection are finished using this anti-corrosion coating.

  • Armor-Coat® is a trade mark coating unique to Stonebridge products.
  • Achieves BS EN 1670:2007 Grade 5 under laboratory testing.
  • The highest anti-corrosion level for steel based hardware in the industry.
  • Highest level of UV protection to protect against fading in sunlight and ensures the 30% sheen is long lasting.

Stonebridge Ironmongery close up of Armor-Coat® finish

 Accoya® Tested

The other benefit of choosing Stonebridge Hand Forged Hardware is that it is tested and proven as suitable for use on Accoya® wood and other acidic woods. Accoya® is the world's leading high technology wood and is used in many new builds and home renovations. See our blog Ironmongery For Accoya® Wood Doors & Windows for further information.

Stonebridge Hardware Range

Suffolk Latch Company are offering the complete range of Stonebridge Ironmongery products in the Flat Black finish. If you are interested in the alternative Satin Steel finish, please contact the team at or call us on 01787 277277.

The Lever Door Handles are available in four classic styles: Padstow, Arundel, Cotswold & Curl.

Padstow Lever Handle:

Padstow Lever Handle

Arundel Lever Handle:

Arundel Lever Door Handle

Cotswold Lever Handle:

Cotswold Lever Door Handle

Curl Lever Handle:

Curl Lever Door Handle

The co-ordinating Casement Window Hardware: handle fasteners, espag window handles & window stays is also available in Padstow, Arundel, Cotswold and Curl designs.

Please see the full Stonebridge Collection HERE.




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