What is a Burnished Finish?

What is Burnished Finish?



Imagine receiving a damaged light from a manufacturer and rather than throw it away instantly, you would have a play around with a blow torch. Well this is exactly what we did and discovered it produces the most amazing, unique and stylish design. Our burnished finish starts off with a base material of copper plated steel, it's then gentling heated with a blowtorch in a downward motion to create rich contours of blue, orange and brown. Then covered in a clear lacquer to protect the base metal but also also enrich the contemporary shades.


Process of creating Burnished Lighting 

With the shaped base material, you carefully apply heat from the blow torch and slowly 'paint' on the lighting fixture to create a unique pattern on each light. The process is as simple as hanging your light and slowing applying heat to certain areas and create a pantone caramel tone with splashes of blue and green where the torch as spent a longer time heating the brass.


 Burnished Finish

Handmade Burnished Finish 

With the nature of this finish, our burnished finish is made to order with a lead time of around 3 weeks. This isn't just a stock item that anyone can have in their home, it's an expression of creativity and will be a stand out piece in your home. No light having the same finish or pattern it can true set your space apart from others. 

Finished Burnished Finish


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