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Pewter is a metal alloy, traditionally composed of tin (85-99%) mixed with other metals including copper, antimony, bismuth and sometimes lead. The word pewter comes from the word spelter - a term for zinc alloys. Ever wondered what the melting point of pewter is? it has a low melting point and is a malleable and versatile metal.

pewter melting point and what is pewter

Quick History

Pewter can be traced back to the Egyptian period. The earliest piece found in an Egyptian tomb is from 1450BC. Roman pewter, composed of only tin and lead, has also been found at various sites in England .

antique pewter coffee service

In the 12th Century pewter was re-introduced, being used widely in churches for ceremonial items such as chalices and plates. Most family households would have had pewter tableware and candlesticks. It was favoured as a metal until the 18th century, when porcelain was introduced.

Home Style

Today, pewter is used for a range of items for the home. Rustic handles, latches and door knobs give a great finishing touch to your interior design project.

Suffolk Latch Company Pewter

Pewter is a malleable versatile metal, however it is prone to denting and is soft. Solid pewter items are also costly - pewter is the fourth most valuable metal in common use after platinum, gold and silver.

We are committed to offering beautiful products at sensible prices. Our pewter latches, hinges, door handles and door knobs are all made from mild steel with a pewter effect electro-plated zinc finish. This gives the same classic rustic pewter look, but without the high cost. Zinc has excellent anti-rusting properties and the electro-plating gives a good even finish.

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