How to Choose Handles for an Internal Door

Best Choices of Door Handles for Internal Doors


When it comes to door handles, there are three main areas for consideration.

  • Rose Plate
  • Locking Mechanism
  • Design Style

The rose plate is one of the main design choices for door handles. For example, our TUPAI door handle collection mainly contains a thin square rose plate, this is an aesthetic piece due to this precision and thin plate. Whereas our Meridian Door Handles On Backplate have a vintage style and a more contemporary design. 

Another consideration is the locking mechanism for doors, some handles with integrated backplates will be more appropriate for exterior doors, this is because it allows a lock such as a euro barrel to fit within them.

Door Handle

In contrast, our lever on rose handles would need a separate hole and mechanism drilled out such as a deadbolt to make it secure, whereas the previously mentioned backplate would just need a sash lock and one hole drilled out to make it secure for your exterior doors   Furthermore, our lever on rose handles are designed to provide added security by requiring a separate hole and mechanism, such as a deadbolt, to be drilled out. On the other hand, the previously mentioned backplate only needs a sash lock and one hole drilled out to ensure security for your exterior doors.


Large Door Pull Handles

Alternatively, another method for exterior doors is a pull handle. This can be seen in a common rate in commercial properties with push and pull doors however, large pull handles are becoming increasingly common in high end residential homes due to their sleek lines and minimalist feel.  For a more refined and luxurious touch, consider opting for a pull handle as an alternative for exterior doors. While typically associated with commercial properties featuring push and pull doors, large pull handles are now gaining popularity in high-end residential homes for their sleek lines and minimalist aesthetic.

 Door Pull Handles



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