What is Nickel?

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Nickel is a silver metal with a warm golden tint. It is a pure stable element, resistant to corrosion, even at high temperatures. Historically, it has been used to plate other metals such as iron and brass to provide protection from oxidation.

Home Hardware

Nickel was popular during the Art Deco era. Designers of this period favoured the silver-looking palette of nickel and chrome and preferred the corrosion resistant qualities of nickel.


Door knobs, cabinet pulls, candlesticks, mirrors, and all of the smaller home hardware items that give the finishing touch to a room, can make a big difference when it comes to interior design.

Nickel offers a softer alternative to chrome, with a warmer, antique tone. Perfect for period properties.

Door Knobs


beehive solid brass door knobs in three finishesnickel beehive door knob


Our beehive solid brass doorknobs are available in three metal finish options of antique brass, nickel and chrome. These metal knobs are perfect for giving a contemporary edge in a period property compared and are an alternative to the more traditional wooden beehive door knobs.

Cup Pulls

Solid brass kitchen cup pulls in four finishes

These kitchen cup pull handles are ideal for contemporary kitchens with clean lines and sleek finishes. Made from solid brass and available in four finishes.

 chrome and nickel kitchen drawer pulls

As you can see in the photo above, the nickel finish is softer and has an antiqued golden hue, when compared to the chrome.

Cabinet Knobs

Our very popular nickel cabinet knobs are also now back in stock and are available in two sizes. These are a great option for a classic style kitchen or a stand alone chest of drawers or cabinet.




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