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Here at the Suffolk Latch Company we pride ourselves for supplying products that are just a little bit different. Our main line of products is our range of traditional hand...

  • Hand forged Penny End T Hinges Black Beeswax 4-24 inches
    black t hinges black antique door hinges
  • Arrow End T Hinges Black
    Arrow end detail of T Hinge
  • Hinge Fronts Black
    Hinge Blanks for doors

    Hinge Fronts Black

    From £20.00
  • Suffolk Latch Hand Forged in Black Beeswax also known as a suffolk latch kit
    Suffolk thumb latch
  • Suffolk Latch Fine Handle Black Beeswax, iron latch handle
    Suffolk Latch Fine Handle on door
  • Gothic Thumb Latch Black Beeswax
    Thumb Latch on door, heavy duty latch
  • latch door, Fish Tail Door Bolts Hand Forged with Black Beeswax Finish
    Black Door Bolt
  • Shepherds Crook Hand Forged Bolts Black Beeswax
    Shepherds Crook Bolts Beeswax
  • Cottage Door Latch, traditional door catches
    ring latch on door
  • Arrow end black pull handles
    door pull handles

    Arrow End Black Pulls

    From £7.50
  • Acorn Coat Hook Black Cast Iron
    Coat Hook, black cast iron coat hooks
  • antique coat hooks and vintage coat hooks
    Coat Hook Cast Iron
  • Classic Double Coat Hook Antique Cast  Iron
    antique coat hooks
  • Double Robe Hook Cast Iron Antique Iron  - coat and robe hooks
    double robe hook
  • beehive brass door knobs
    Door with ebonised beehive door knob
  • Straight Lever Door Handles
    Black lever door handle
  • cast iron slim bow handle
    antique iron pull handle
  • cast iron handles - Cast Iron D Handle
    Kitchen cupboard handles
  • cupboard pull handles
    cupboard door handles

    Cast Iron Bow Handles

    From £5.00
  • Bronze Bow Handles
    Bronze pull handles

    Bronze Bow Handles

    From £6.00
  • Anchor cast iron shelf bracket
    Dimension drawing of anchor cast iron shelf bracket
  • forged shelf brackets, decorative cast iron brackets - Cast Iron Shelf Bracket Scroll Design
    Mugs on shelf with Scroll cast iron shelf bracket
  • old iron shelf brackets, als known as Victorian cast iron shelf bracket
    Reclaimed boards with vine shelf brackets
  • Apple cast iron shelf bracket
    Rustic Coat rack with decorative shelf brackets & coat hooks
  • Cast Iron Fine Shelf Bracket
    kitchen shelf with fine cast iron shelf brackets
  • honeycomb cast iron shelf bracket
    Rustic shelf with honeycomb shelf brackets
  • Cottage Lever Handles Black Lock Bathroom Latch
    black cottage door handle
  • Decorative Cup Pulls
    Vintage Drawer Pull
  • Fleur de lis black door handles
    Fleur De Lis Lever Handles Black
  • Fleur De Lis Coat Hooks in Black Beeswax & Pewter
    Hand Forged fluer de lis coat hooks in black and pewter
  • Antique Iron Cup Pulls
    Drawer handle cup pull
  • Gothic hand forged coat hook in black and pewter
    Hand Forged Gothic Hooks
  • Door Latch Sets
    Arrow End Latch Set

    Latch Sets Black

    From £13.00
  • Hand Forged Leaf Hook in Black & Pewter
    Detail of pewter and black hand forged leaf hooks
  • Black Cast Iron Escutcheons
    Covered Round Black Escutcheon
  • Oval Covered Escutcheons
    Antique Iron Oval Escutcheon
  • Penny End Black Pulls Collection | Door & Cupboard, penny end handles
    cottage style kitchen

    Penny End Black Pulls

    From £7.50
  • Black Privacy Latch, cast iron door latch, bathroom door latch
    black door latch, 4 inch black door hinges
  • Bathroom Rim Lock Brass Fittings
    Bathroom rim lock with snib
  • Rim Lock Deadbolt with keeper
    Rim lock deadbolt
  • Black Rim Lock with keyhole lock
    Rim Lock Classic
  • antique drawer knobs also known as rustic kitchen knobs
    rustic door furniture
  • School Label Cast Iron Double Coat Hook.
    School label Hook
  • Sea shell cup pulls
    Vintage Cup Pull
  • Single Acorn Cast Iron Burnished Robe Coat Hook
    Single cpat hook
  • Single Cast Iron Robe Hook in Antique Iron
    single antique robe hook
  • Single Cast Iron Black Robe Coat Hook
    black robe hook
  • Single Small Cast iron Robe Hook in Antique Iron Finish
    cast iron robe hook

All Products

Here at the Suffolk Latch Company we pride ourselves for supplying products that are just a little bit different. Our main line of products is our range of traditional hand forged door hardware. This range covers our popular arrow and penny end T hinges with matching suffolk and gothic latches, we also have a range of H and HL hinges as well as a range of full and half butterfly hinges. Its important to note that our hand forged range of products are designed for use on internal applications, if used on an externally they will inevitably deteriorate. We also have an extensive range of traditional cast iron and wooded mortice door knobs as well as an range of polished chrome and black iron lever handles. For small cabinet joinery work we have a great stock of cabinet knobs and handles. Please click on any of the products for a detailed description. We have also gone to the trouble of producing detailed product technical drawing in both PDF and DWG formats, you will find these to the right hand side of each and every listing under the dimensions tab.