Traditional Strap Hinge Fronts

On occasion, a traditional Arrow or Penny End T hinge simply does not work on certain door configurations. Perhaps you have an existing ledge and brace door that has been hung on conventional butt hinges, or the location of your door means that butt hinges are your only option. Hinge fronts (also sometimes called Hinge Blanks) are a great choice for achieving the traditional style hinge that is usually found on these style of doors.

Fitting With Existing Butt Hinges

If you already have butt hinges on your ledge and brace door, there are two options for achieving a traditional look:

1. Replace butt hinges with traditional T Hinges

If the architraving and poisiton of your door will allow, T Hinges are the classic feature for a ledge and brace door. Depending upon how the butt hinges have been installed, you will probably have to fill the rebate created by the butt hinges, or replace the architraving. The T Hinge can then be fitted. T Hinges are designed to sit flat across the door and the surrounding architraving.

Pewter T Hinge on ledge and brace door

2. Fit Hinge Fronts/Blanks

If your door is right up against a wall, has architraving not suitable for fitting T Hinges, or has existing butt hinges that you do not wish to replace, you can use Hinge Fronts instead. Simply offer up the hinge front to the edge of the door, in line with the butt hinge, and secure into place. This will give the same look as a traditional T Hinge.

Another common problem that you may come across is that when you are hanging a door that has to open inwards with the ledges and braces on the inside, usually you would have to have the hinges mounted on the inside of the door. This can cause a couple of problems, firstly because the ledges do not come to the edge of the door because of the door stop. There will always be an unsightly gap between the door surround and the start of the ledge. Secondly, it is always nice to see the hinges mounted on the good or non-braced side of the door. By using the hand forged hinge front with a conventional butt hinge, this problem can be resolved.

Hand Forged Hinge Fronts in Pewter and Black

Our hinge fronts are individually hand forged on the anvil from mild steel. We offer two finishes:

Supplied as a pair in two sizes: 18 inches or 24 inches.

Available as a traditional Penny End or Arrow End design to co-ordinate with the classic penny end of the Suffolk Latch or the arrow end style of the Gothic Latch.


 See our range of traditional latches HERE available in black beeswax and rustic pewter.






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