Need inspiration for your traditional ledge & brace door?
Take a look at these photos sent in by customers, showing a selection of our hand forged latches, T hinges and hand forged decorative nails.
Hand Forged Latches
A great choice for a traditional, rustic look. Ideal for country cottage style homes and period properties. Available in a range of styles, with our classic Suffolk Latch in black beeswax being the most popular.
Hand Forged T Hinges
A brace and ledge door isn't complete without a pair of Hand Forged T Hinges in a penny or arrow end style. Available in a range of sizes from 4 inches - 24 inches in traditional black beeswax or rustic pewter finish.
Hand Forged Nails
Individually hand forged, with no two being identical, these Decorative Rosehead Nails give the finishing decorative touch to doors or upholstery. Available in 35mm and 65mm sizes in 1kg bags. Natural metal self colour or rustic pewter.


Customer Latches Gallery 1 | Suffolk Latch CompanyCustomer Latches Gallery 2 | Suffolk Latch CompanyCustomer Latches Gallery 4 | Suffolk Latch CompanyCustomer Latches Gallery 6 | Suffolk Latch Company


We also make oak doors and #furniture! Daniel, my #carpenter is a really talented guy.

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