Real Pewter Vs. Pewter Finish

Pewter Vs. Pewter


What is Pewter?

Pewter is a malleable metal alloy, primarily consisting of tin, with small amounts of other metals such as copper. Historically, it has been used for making various items, from tankards and plates to jewellery and, of course, hardware. Its soft glow and resistance to tarnishing make it a beloved material for crafting items that last.

The Beauty of Genuine Pewter

So, why go for genuine pewter when there are cheaper alternatives available? Here's why:

  1. Unparalleled Aesthetic Appeal: Genuine pewter has a unique sheen, a soft lustre that cannot be mimicked by mere patinas or coatings. The real thing has a depth and richness that stands out, especially when you take a closer look.
  2. Durability: Real pewter hardware is not just about looks. It's sturdy and long-lasting. With proper care, pewter fixtures can last for generations and can become part of the houses appeal. 
  3. Value: Authentic pewter items hold their value. They're not just functional pieces but can be considered investments in the aesthetic appeal and longevity of your home.


Beware of the Imitations

The market is rife with faux pewter products. Many manufacturers coat regular hardware with a pewter-like patina. While these might look somewhat similar at a glance, they lack the true essence, feel, and durability of genuine pewter. Moreover, these coatings can wear off, revealing the inferior material underneath. We always recommend looking in the description of any product online and seeing the base material, this will give you immediate confirmation of whether it is genuine pewter or a patina. 

Finesse Pewter Swirl Door Knob

Understanding Pewter Finish

Given the rising popularity of a pewter look, but also the cost associated with genuine pewter, it's understandable that manufacturers are producing pewter finish product from other materials for those with a smaller budget. But for those looking for the real thing here are some tips to help you understand the differences:

Fake Vs Real Pewter

  1. Weight: Genuine pewter has a certain heft to it. It feels substantial in your hand. Pewter finish items, especially those made of lightweight metals or plastics with a pewter-like finish, will feel noticeably lighter.
  2. Markings: Authentic pewter often has markings or stamps indicating its purity or the craftsman's mark. While some fakes might also have markings, they often lack the detail and precision found on genuine pieces. 
  3. Temperature: Pewter is known for its unique ability to conduct heat. If you touch a genuine pewter piece, it should feel slightly warm, unlike other metals which might feel cold.
  4. Sound: When tapped, genuine pewter produces a distinct sound, different from other metals. Familiarise yourself with this sound by tapping on a known pewter item and comparing.
  5. Appearance: While pewter finish items might mimick the look initially, over time, their finish can wear off or change, revealing the underlying material. Genuine pewter, on the other hand, maintains its soft sheen and might even develop a richer patina with age.

 Real Pewter Signature

Always trust your instincts and do thorough research, especially when investing in items of value. When in doubt, it's best to purchase from reputable sellers, like Suffolk Latch Company, known for their genuine pewter and quality pewter finish offerings. 


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