What is a Hand Forged Nail?

What is a Hand Forged Nail?


Understanding Hand Forged Nails

Hand forged nails, also known as decorative nails are manually crafted using traditional blacksmithing techniques. Forged nails were crafted from wrought iron, when modern versions may use solid cast iron now. These nails differ significantly from modern, machine-made nails with their uneven edges, the classic blacksmithing marks and uniqueness and overall character of hand forged nails are completely different to what we call nails nowadays.


Are Forged Nails Strong?

Forged nails are known for their decorative ability rather than strength, you can normally find them on a ledge and brace door or on a edwardian sofa or armchair. However forging nails do have a strength to them that can be used for joints or securing wood.
Being wrought iron, it has a low carbon content, so its easy to deform and change with heat, which in turn makes it far less likely to crack or create an instant break. Furthermore the forging process of heating and hammering pushes atoms together, then cooling creates a stronger bold between these atoms with can add to its strength. 


 different hand forged nails

Types of Hand Forged Nails

There are various types of hand forged nails, however some cultural or region changes may create different designs or types. Examples of the main types of hand forged nails are: Rosehead Nails, Square Head Nail, I Round Head Nail, Pyramid and Off-Centre. however there are main others but also many different sizes to any application.

Pyramid Door Studs

Rosehead Nails

Hand Forged Off-Centre Door Studs

Hand Forged Square Head Nail



Why Choose a Forged Nail?

Choosing forged nails offers several advantages. They are fairly strong and also add a lovely uniqueness and charm to projects, especially with old fashioned nails and decorative nails for hanging or decorating a old door. 


When Were Hand Forged Nails Used?

Hand forged nails have been used for thousands of years, with examples being hold in the bronze age, with the Romans creates significant advancements with nail techniques and applications. Discover a detailed blog all about the history of hand forged nails. 



In summary, choosing hand forged nails adds a bit of history to your projects. These nails are both strong and decorative. Whether you are restoring an old door or making furniture, hand forged nails offer a unique, vintage look.


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