Are Door Handles Universal?

Are Door Handles Universal?

What Makes a Door Handle Fit Any Door?

Thinking about changing your door handles? You might wonder if there's a one-size-fits-all solution. Well, some handles are designed to work with many doors, and can be bought without much measuring or planning, not all are that flexible. Some door handles that serve a specific purpose, such as our multipoint handles that are meant to be used on an exterior door but also have a fitting system that can't be used on anything else except a uPVC door.


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Common Myths

Many believe that any handle fits any door. That's not true. Each door and handle has its own specs, backsets and fitting options that can be it more difficult to simply replace an existing door handle with a new one. Want something stylish? Check out these options.


Key Factors for the Right Fit

Let's talk about what matters for a good fit. Measure your door. Know the distance from the door's edge to where the handle goes. This is very important for not only the aesthetics of the handle but if you're using a door handle or door knob as they need to be a different distance from the doors edge to avoid cracking your knuckles on the door frame. Also, think about the handle's material and style. It should be strong and match your door's look and your home decor. Need a lock? Here are some. Of course the finish of your door handle is a personal choice and you always want something that matches the period of your property, but also think about the quality of the product, the door handle is one of the most used piece of furniture in your home and you want to ensure it's not a bad investment.




So, not all handles fit all doors. But knowing a bit about your door can help you find a great match. Whether you're looking for style, security, or both, getting the right door handle is key.


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