Are Door Handles Universal

Are Door Handles Universal?


Interior vs. Exterior Door Handles


Security Features of Exterior Handles

Exterior door handles will always be far more long-lasting than any interior door handles, simply due to the materials used. Materials such as brass and stainless steel. This always your door handles to be prepared for weather conditions but also acts as a security feature by itself. However, a simple lever handle can only do so much, the addition of a 5 lever lock, deadbolt, multipoint or night latch within your exterior door will be your first line of defence for your door. 


Design of Interior Door Handles

The choice of interior lever handles is endless, with hundreds of choices from brass, pewter and zinc alloy and styles range from vintage such as our colonial door handles to minimalist and brutalist designs such as a TUPAI collection.

You can also choose between a lever on rose design to a lever on a backplate the main difference is the shape of the plate behind the handle that hides the lever mechanism. 


Bedford Door Handles On Backplate - £38.00

Lena Round Rose Door Handles - £56.00


Importance of Backset Length

Understanding the backset for your door and choice of lever handle, we have a comprehensive backset blog detailing all the information you need about which latch or lock you need to buy for your lever handle. 

Replacing Old Door Handles

This is fairly simple to produce when wanting to replace a door knob for a door knob as most likely it will simply unscrew the old and in with the new knob with the grub screw of attachment screws. We have a video helping attach our beehive door knobs and sprung door knobs


Choosing Internal Door Handles

Lever Handles vs. Door Knobs

From an aesthetic standpoint, this is up to you whether you prefer door knobs or door handles, a consideration to make is whether you have children or people who may struggle with grasping a door knob. This can cause frustration as it can be difficult to hold and turn a door knob, whereas a lever handle can easily be pushed downwards and opened far easier.



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