Barn Conversions to Inspire Your Next Project

Barn Conversions

Barn conversions in the UK combine traditional architecture and modern living, with ironmongery preserving the character. Ironmongery in barn conversions includes door handles, hinges, locks, and fixtures, enhancing the overall aesthetic and practicality.

Barn Conversion with pocket door

Choice of Ironmongery in Barn Conversions:

The choice of ironmongery can significantly impact the look and feel of a barn conversion. Traditional ironmongery often includes hand-forged items, such as Suffolk latches, hand-forged hinges, and door bolts. On the other hand, contemporary ironmongery can offer a more modern and sleek appearance, with items like large door pull hardware and pewter door handles. The selection depends largely on the desired aesthetic and the existing architecture of the barn.

Ironmongery in barn conversions

Doors in Barn Conversions:

The type of doors used in barn conversions can vary massively, from stable doors that open in two halves to large glass-filled entrances that were once hay barn entrances. The choice of doors and their ironmongery can reflect the barn's history and can help elevate the overall aesthetics. For instance, traditional barn doors can be complemented with classic handles or bold door knockers, while modern alternatives might include glazed doors with a variety of ironmongery styles.

Doors in Barn Conversions

Windows and Ironmongery:

In many barn conversions, the design of windows is restricted by the structure's original architecture. Bespoke wooden windows are often used as not only does it create an opportunity for expansion of the barn but can make the conversion truly unique, which can be complemented by a variety of ironmongery styles to match the overall design theme. Oversized hardwood doors and narrow windows are also common features in barn conversions, adding to the character of the building but also assisting to emphasise the size of barn conversions. With high ceilings by their nature having oversized doors and windows will feel a lot more at home than on a regular property.

Barn Conversion Windows

Restoration of Barn Conversion: 

For listed properties and barn conversions, it's common to find a range of restoration hardware that includes traditional fittings or replicas of these. This can include the restoration of window and door hardware suitable for various types of properties, including barn conversions. Unique custom finishes and tailored manufactured products are available to meet specific project requirements. 

Barn Conversions

Inspiration for Barn Conversions:

 Barn Conversions


Barn Conversion Inspirations

Wood Beams in barn conversions


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