Cottage Latch Handing Guide

How To Choose The Correct Latch For Your Door

Cottage Latches offer a traditional rustic look for your doors. This style of latch has a pair of ring turns with a latch bar set on a rectangular backplate. The latch bar side is fitted to the inwards opening side of the door, while the single ring turn handle is designed for the side of the door opening away.

When choosing a cottage latch, it can be confusing to know which handing is the correct one for your door, especially as there are conflicting door furniture "handing" guidelines across the web.

Use our simple illustrated guide for our Hand Forged Cottage Latches. For a larger view please click HERE.


Important Note: When checking which way your door is hung, make sure you are standing on the side of the door that opens towards you.


Right Hand Cottage Latches

Choose a right hand cottage latch if your door is hinged on the left. The latch bar is configured to be fitted next to the right hand edge of the door.

Right Hand Cottage Latch, Black Beeswax

Right Hand Cottage Latch, Pewter


Left Hand Cottage Latches

Left hand cottage latches are for doors that are hinged on the right. This cottage latch needs to be fitted on the left hand edge of the door.

Left Hand Cottage Latch, Black Beeswax

Left Hand Cottage Latch, Pewter







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