Different Types of Latches

Different Types of Latches



Suffolk Latches

Suffolk Latches in the present day are mainly constructed of cast iron or mild steel and are a timeless classic for ledge & brace doors. Early examples of iron latches have been found in China and Europe in the 13th century. By the 1700s, iron latches were in common use in England. It was at this time that the generic term “Suffolk Latch” came into existence. An architect called William Twopenny is reputed to have designed and named the Suffolk Latch and the later designed, Norfolk Latch.

Our Suffolk Latch is an authentic design, with a traditional penny end style. A beautiful hand-forged latch, made from mild steel, finished with a black coating and layer of beeswax or in our pewter patina. 

 Suffolk Latch in Pewter

Tuscan Latches

The Tuscan Latch is very similar to a suffolk latch, with the one except being the ends of the latch. This suffolk latch uses a penny end, which creates a rounded look to the latch, whereas a Tuscan latch uses an arrow end to create a more angular and sharp look to your door. They also have beaten details accentuating the hand-forged production. This thumb latch is ideal for heavy ledge & brace doors. The pewter finish is a rustic alternative to traditional black beeswax. 

Tuscan Latches
Tuscan Latch


Thumb Latch with Armor Coat

The Thumb Latch With Armor-Coat is a traditional Suffolk Latch suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Its advanced anti-corrosion finish ensures durability, making it ideal for exterior and garden doors. Features a classic penny-end design.

Armor-Coat Advanced Hardware is designed for corrosion protection in any weather. Independent testing has given this finish a Grade 5 rating according to BS EN 1670:2007, the highest level of anti-corrosion for steel-based hardware in the industry. 

Armour Coat Suffolk Latch

Suffolk Latch with T-Bar

The Suffolk Latch with T Bar in Black has 3 screw-on penny end staples. A striking feature for your ledge & brace doors. This thumb latch design offers a decorative alternative to our classic Suffolk Latch. The traditional latch is hand-forged from mild steel and finished with a black coating and a layer of beeswax. One side of this latch as the same penny-end thumb latch and the other is a T-shaped bar offering a different style of latch. 

Suffolk Latch with T-Bar 

Cottage Latch

The quintessential cottage style with our Cottage Latch. This ring-turn latch is perfect for period properties and barn conversions. With a weighted handle, it keeps your door closed and in the keeper. 

Crafted with traditional ironmongery techniques, this ring latch features a hand cast rectangular back plate, a hand forged latch bar, and a ring turn handle and keeper. It is the perfect choice for ledge and brace timber doors. However, we would not recommend this latch outside simply due to rusting. 

Cottage Latch 

Night Latches

Night Latches, as the name suggests were used as a lock during the nighttime as a more secure version of rim lock. With a simple mechanism that allows the latch to be locked from one side, the lock is fitted to the surface of the interior side of a front door and can be opened and closed with a small lever turn.  From the outside, the lock has a cylinder type of escutcheon which is operated by a key. There is a sliding button on the night latch to hold the bolt in an open or closed position.

These are typically used on front doors in addition to a 5 lever sash lock.

Our York security deadlocking Night Latches come in 2 sizes, 40mm & 60mm. They are offered in various finishes to match our front door furniture collection. Select from aged brass, bronze, chrome, black, satin brass, and satin nickel.

Also known as a Yale night latch or a cylinder night latch, this is a popular choice for a front door.

 Night Latches

Privacy Latches

The Privacy Latch is a basic latch, perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms requiring privacy. Also suitable for use as a pantry door, under stairs cupboard, or kitchen cabinet latch. A great choice for period properties and cottage-style homes. An excellent cupboard latch for a farmhouse kitchen and still has that rustic hand forged look to these latches. 


Privacy Latch 

Tubular Latches

Tubular latches come in varied sizes and spring strength, we offer a full guide on choosing the correct tubular latch for your hardware, such as the correct backset for a door knob or what is a heavy-duty spring.

A simple tubular latch will be used for door handles, this is because door handles typically have heavy duty springs with the handle itself, so you will not need a strong spring in your latch to open a door.

Whereas door knobs, such as our Beehive Door Knobs are unsprung. This means there is no mechanism in the door knob to help it to spring back after being turned. This is where a heavy-duty tubular latch is required to create a sprung effect on an unsprung door knob. 

Our heavy-duty tubular latch is graded to BS EN 12209 and has a CE 5531 fire rating. Suitable for standard and fire doors. Double-sprung mortice latches are designed for use with unsprung door knobs or lever handles. The architectural latch has a reversible catch for left & right-hand opening doors. Available in 3" and 4" sizes and twelve finishes.

 Tubular Latches


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