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Maximum Security For Your Home

Euro Cylinder Locks are an important deterrent against a break-in attempt and offer the best security features for your home. Our latest range of cylinder door locks offer solutions for both external and internal doors. Made in Italy using the best technology, these locks have guaranteed mechanisms and are expert pieces of hardware.

Cylinders need to be fitted with a sash lock or a deadlock and we have a range of matching 2.5 inch and 3 inch lock cases to choose from. The Euro sash locks are designed to be fitted with a pair of Euro handles, while the deadlock has a lock only and is fitted with a keyhole cover escutcheon.

Pin Tumbler Locks

Compact cylinder locks are also known as pin tumbler locks. This type of lock was first patented in 1848 by Linus Yale and uses moveable pins of varying lengths to prevent rotation. These locks can only be opened with a specific key and have guaranteed security features. Also known as Euro Lock Barrels, these door locks are available in a range of options and sizes including key-to-key, key-to-turn and keyed alike.

Maximum security for your home with a 10 year mechanical guarantee

15 Pin External Cylinder Locks

The 15 pin cylinder locks offer the highest level of security for your exterior doors. Available in key-to-key and key-to-turn versions in 70mm and 80mm sizes suitable for 45mm and 55mm doors.

Key-To-Key: This is the maximum security option with keyed access on both sides of the door. Even if a burglar broke a window or a glazed panel, they would still need the key to be able to operate the lock from the inside to open the door.

Key-To-Turn: A keyed lock on the external side of the door and a thumbturn on the interior. These locks are useful for doors where security controlled access is needed on one side and easy access on the other.

Key Features Of The 15 Pin Euro Cylinder Locks

  • Made in Italy.
  • Tested to BS EN1303.
  • Anti-pick spool pins.
  • Anti-drill hardened steel pins and ceramic plates.
  • Anti-bump level 2 ICIM 7-R009 specially configured lock pins.
  • Anti-pull cam in sintered steel.
  • Suitable for fire doors EN1634.
  • 6 active pins & 9 passive pins.
  • 5 reversible keys with long necks resistant to torsion.

15 Pin Double Cylinder Key-To-Key 80mm Lock in Satin Brass

15 Pin Double Cylinder Key-To-Key 70mm Lock in Polished Chrome

15 Pin Cylinder Key-To-Turn 80mm Lock in Matt Black

15 Pin Cylinder Key-To-Turn 70mm Lock in Satin Chrome

5 Pin Internal Cylinder Locks

The 5 pin cylinder locks are basic entry locks to be used for internal doors only.

Key-To-Key: The 5 pin double cylinder key to key option offers keyed access from both sides of the door. Useful for internal rooms that need to be secured such as a lodger's room, or office space.

Key-To-Turn: As with the 15 pin version this 5 pin key to turn has keyed access on the outer side of the door and a thumb turn on the inner. This is useful for doors that need to be locked but want easy access on the inner side of the room.

Keyed Alike: This option is suitable if you require a locks to have the same key profile. Any ordered group of locks will be fitted with the same key code with the pins all working to open and close with one key.

Single Cylinder: Also called half cylinder locks, these single cylinders are ideal for doors needing lockable access on one side only. Ideal for cupboards, garage lockups that require only standard basic entry.

Key Features Of The 5 Pin Euro Cylinder Locks

  • Made in Italy.
  • Tested to BS EN1303.
  • Anti-pull cam in sintered steel.
  • Suitable for fire doors EN1634.
  • 5 pins in brass for the coding.
  • High bumping resistance.
  • Hardened steel anti-drill pins.
  • U-shaped reinforcement.
  • 3 profile keys.

Expert hardware made in Italy using the latest technology

5 Pin Cylinder Key-To-Turn 60mm Lock in Matt Antique Brass

5 Pin Cylinder Key-To-Key 70mm Lock in Matt Black

5 Pin Double Cylinder Keyed Alike 70mm Lock in Polished Chrome

5 Pin Single Cylinder 45mm Lock in Satin Brass


A Choice Of Five Stunning Finishes

The cylinder locks are made from the highest quality brass and are available in a choice of five distinctive finishes: Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome, Satin Brass, Matt Antique Brass and Matt Black. Beautiful finishes to co-ordinate with every home decor colour scheme.

Spotlight on Euro Cylinder Locks


Matching Locks & Escutcheons

Euro cylinders need to be fitted into a sash lock or deadlock. The matching range of lock cases are available in 2.5 inch and 3 inch sizes.

Sash locks have a latch and a deadbolt lock mechanism, which is operated by turning a key in the cylinder, or with a thumbturn. A Euro sash lock is ideal for external or internal doors and is also designed to be fitted with a pair of handles. Choose from lever on rose with a pair of keyhole cover escutcheons, or lever on backplate. The perfect co-ordinated look for your home.

Satin Brass Euro Deadlock 2.5 inch

Matt Black Euro Sash Lock 3 inch

Phoenix Knurled Round Rose Door Handles

Euro Profile Keyhole Escutcheon


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