Unboxing Your Door Knobs

Guide For Unboxing Your New Door Knobs

Learn about the different door knob parts and follow our simple unboxing guide to make fitting as easy as possible.

Please note: Our popular beehive door knobs have been used as an example here, but this guide is suitable for all door knobs with grub screw fixings.


Door Knob Parts

It is helpful to know the different parts of your door knob and what their industry terms are called.

  • Pair of door knobs with grub screw fixing in neck
  • Rose Plates
  • Threaded Mortice Bar
  • Fixing Woodscrews
  • Allen Key

unboxing your door knobs components

Unboxing Guide

Let's get your door knobs unboxed!

1. Remove The Outer Packaging

First you will need to remove the outer packaging and check that you have the parts as listed above. Put the woodscrews in a safe place for now and lay out your door knobs and Allen key.


Unboxing door knobs remove outer packaging


2. Loosen Grub Screw

You will notice that your door knobs are fixed to the mortice bar. In order for the knobs to be fitted to your door, you will need to remove one of them. Using the Allen key provided, place it into the grub screw hole in the neck of the door knob and loosen the grub screw.

Tip: To prevent misplacing the grub screw, we advise loosening it enough for the door knob to be removed from the mortice bar, but not to take the grub screw out entirely.


Unboxing your door knobs step 2


3. Remove One Door Knob From Mortice Bar

To make for a straightforward fitting, and to lessen the possibility of losing any parts, you only need to remove one of the door knobs from the mortice bar. Now you have loosened the grub screw you can easily unscrew the door knob and remove it from the mortice bar. The rose plate is loose and can also be taken off.


Unboxing Your Door Knobs step 3


4. Fit Your Door Knobs Onto Your Door.

Now you are ready for fitting your door knobs onto your door. For further information and essential tips, please take a look at our Door Knob Fiitting Guide. We hope you found this helpful - do get in touch if you need any additional advice 🏡


Unboxing your door knobs


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