Why Are My Door Handles Jamming?

Whether you are fitting a new door handle or are having problems with your existing one, you might be having problems with your handle jamming and not turning properly. Before you resort to buying a replacement, read our handy guide for tips and solutions.

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What Are The Two Main Reasons For a Jamming Door Handle?

A sticking or jamming door handle is caused by one of two problems:

  1. An issue with the tubular latch/sash lock OR
  2. A problem with the handle.

In order to establish which is causing the problem, you will need to unscrew your door handles and temporarily remove your tubular latch/sash lock from the door.

Why are my door handles jamming?

Tubular Latch/Sash Lock Problems

A door handle is either fitted with a tubular latch or a sash lock. These are usually the main casue of any jamming problems and you will need to check for these faults:

  • misalignment in the fitting of the latch/lock
  • debris clogging the moving parts
  • loose screws
  • binding of the latch/lock parts due to the mortice fitting being too tight

For an easy way to check if there is a problem with the fitting of the latch/lock, take all parts and reassemble away from the door - if the lever handle moves freely without any problems, there is definitely a fitting issue. A common problem is where the lock/latch parts are binding against the timber. This can be rectified by making the mortice hole slightly larger and re-fitting.

why are my door handles jamming?

Handle Problems

If you have checked all of the possible latch/lock problems above and the handle is still jamming, there may be an issue with the handle itself.

  • debris in spring mechanism
  • needs lubrication - WD40 is an ideal light oil for door handles
  • broken spring

It may be that the spring in your handle is worn and old and in this instance the best advice is to replace the handles.

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